5 Reasons | Why you need a phone case

why you need a phone case

In this modern age also there is a stage to debate whether or not to use mobile phone cases. Some intellect does understand the need for a phone case yet some beg to differ. Well in this article we have jotted down some points to make things a little clearer for you. 

There are many who prefer using phones without back cover and the ideology behind them is many. For instance, the user likes to use the phone without a back cover, doesn’t want to spend on back covers, claiming to own the phone for a short period of time, so why invest in a phone cover, and so on. But many users feel like to have custom name phone case to make it look more cooler.

Little that they know, there are many reasons why you need a phone case. For instance, the phone cover would protect the phone from drops, cracks, shattered screens, accidental falls on a pool or somewhere else, and many other scenarios like it. 

If bluntly said, Putting a case on your phone would be highly beneficial for the user as well as for the phones as such it keeps your phone well protected and enhances life as well. 

Benefits of using phone case:

There are many benefits of using a phone case and down below we have mentioned the top five reasons why you need a phone case.

1. Resale Value:

It is obvious that if you use a mobile phone case right from the start the resale value that you will get from it will be much higher and it will be quite rewarding. As such many people tend to have a habit of changing their phone more often than others.

For those, having a phone with very good quality would be a piece of good news for them as such a great condition would get a very high resale value and would help the user to buy the new and trendy phone easily.

The buyer would happily pay the seller if the quality is up to the mark.

2. Insurance:

Having Insurance is a great way to protect your smartphone as well as your pocket. As such if something happens to the mobile phone, the repair cost these days are skyrocketing. The rates of all the accessories of the smartphones are very expensive thus it is better to have insurance to protect the owner from unwanted pocket damaging incidents. Other than the protection from the repairing charges, an insured mobile phone has a higher resale value as compared to phones with no insurance. The bottom line is the user or the owner needs a phone case if he/she doesn’t want insurance.

3. Protection from various Impacts:

Accidentally falling down is one of the most frustrating and one of the most common reasons for expensive phones getting damaged. There is no one who wouldn’t agree that when your phone drops from your hand or from your pocket or from the place that you thought would be safe to keep the phone the heart of the owner Stops.

All the owner is wondering with that sudden panicked and stopped heart that whether or not the screen of the smartphone is safe or are there any other damages after the fall. Thus it is always nice to use a phone case with a little extra drop defense or a thin layer of shock absorbent TPU that can save the phone from a certain amount of shock. That being said, it is always recommended to use phone cases with better shock absorbent features as such it would save the phone from many damaging falls.

4. Quality and feel of the phone case:

There are many who say that they don’t want to use a phone case as such it would hide the design and feel of their expensive smartphone. But there are many phone cases that can provide both, looks and feel or even enhance the experience of using the mobile phone.

There are many mobile phone case that comes with exciting styling and are made with premium quality material. Therefore it would be a very good idea to use them as such they would not only provide your phone from damages like falling down or scratches but will also help you to grab more money while resailing.

5. Pricing of the phone case:

Well, to be honest, this is the topic of debate, if you buy the expensive one then the buyer would get a premium quality product while on the other hand if the user doesn’t invest much on the phone case then the quality of the cover would little bit less premium but it will surely protect the phone from accidents and scratches.

For instance, there are many phone covers that are made with dual-layered TPU material, built-in touch compatible screen protector, and polycarbonate outer phone covers.

omgs phone case
Photo credit : omgs.in ( omgs is popular phone case brand in India )

Let us now consider some of the pros and cons of phone cases:

Pros of using phone case:

  • Great to have a phone case in scenarios like accidental drops.
  • Camera glass protection.
  • Increased resale value.

Cons of using phone case:

  • Makes your phone bulky and requires more space.
  • A loose phone case would collect dust and dirt which will result in unwanted scratches and damage on the edges of the phone.
  • A decent phone case usually comes with a price tag.


In a nutshell, putting a case on your phone would be highly beneficial and would repay you in more than one scenario. Mobile phone covers are more like the silent hero that doesn’t say anything but saves the mobile phone from all the unwanted damage silently and while doing so it increases the life span and resale value of the device.

For those who are still not convinced about buying or using a mobile phone case then there is nothing that can convince you for buying one. 


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