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Why Rugs are so Expensive?

For some people, rugs are simply a means of providing comfort from the hard surface. But for some, a rug is much more, it is basically serving as fine art for the floor. A beautiful rug does amp up your space with its beautiful textures and design. When buying a rug you must have wondered “Why are rugs so expensive?” or “Are expensive rugs even worth it?”, then this information is for you.

The method of making the rug

Hand-knotted and finely woven rugs are significantly different from machine-made rugs. Every single knot in a hand-knotted rug is made with bare human hands by weaving each knot individually in a specific design. These rugs contain a high knot count resulting in a plush texture and rich colors. Even the process of dying and spinning the materials used in it are done with human hands, making them the most expensive rugs. These rugs are also extremely durable and will last for years.

Second, comes the hand-tufted which is partially made by hands and a mechanized tool. This is less time-consuming and not as expensive as a handmade rug. So the next time you wonder why rugs are so expensive, think about all the labor that goes into completing a rug which is a piece of art in itself.

The material used to make the rug matters

The material used to make a rug is very important in determining the quality and affects how long will it lasts. Most commonly rugs are made of either natural fibers like wool, silk, or cotton or synthetic materials like nylon and polyester.

  • Wool– These are generally an expensive option because of the natural sturdy fiber. Wool rugs will last for decades and are highly durable with a soft and plush texture to them.
  • Silk- Silk rugs are coveted for their high shine and luxurious texture. They are second to wool when it comes to durability but are on the high price point. Not the best fit for homes with kids, pets, or for rough usage.
  • Cotton- Cotton rugs are a great option for a household with kids and pets. They are soft and fluffy but low on durability, unlike woolen and silk rugs. If looking for an inexpensive rug made of natural fibers, cotton rugs should be your choice.

The dye used for the rug makes a difference

Rugs are generally given their color with either natural dyes or chemical dyes. This is one of the crucial factors in determining the price of a rug.

Rugs dyed with natural options do not fade over time making them more lightfast. They are durable but also take more labor to produce, making them more expensive.

To put it simply, not all rugs are expensive but the dyes used, method of production, and the size of the rug, all of these factors impact a rug’s price. Obeetee Carpets has a wide variety of luxurious rugs to offer for your bedroom or any other corner of your house that you are looking to spruce up.


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