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When to Have a Building and Pest Inspection Done on the Gold Coast


It is important to have your building and pest inspection done on a regular basis in order to keep your property safe and free from pests. The inspections will help identify any potential pest problems and will give you the information you need to take action if necessary. By having the inspections done regularly, you can avoid costly repairs or losses due to pests. The best time to have a building and pest inspection done on the Gold Coast is usually during the month of September. This is because many pests are inactive at this time of year and the weather is generally mild. When you are thinking about having a building and pest inspection done, the Gold Coast is a great place to do it. The Inspectorate has offices all over the Gold Coast, so finding one that is close to where you live is easy. 

The role of a building and pest inspection Gold Coast

It is important to have a building and pest inspection every 6 months to check for any potential pests or damage. This will help you avoid any costly repairs or problems in the future. A building and pest inspection can also help identify any potential health hazards that may be present. Building and pest inspections Gold Coast are an important part of the buying process for a property. It is recommended that every potential property buyer organize a building and pest inspection before making an offer on a house or unit. This is because building and pest inspections can uncover major defects in the property that may not be evident by just looking at it from the outside. Pest inspections can also identify any potential pests or termite damage that may be present on the property.

How much do a building and pest inspection on Gold Coast cost?

While there are many factors to consider when calculating the cost of a building and pest inspection, one factor that often comes into play is the type of building being inspected. For example, a building that is used for commercial purposes may require a different inspection than a residential building. Additionally, the specific needs of the client can also impact the cost of an inspection. 

For example, if a pest infestation is suspected, then additional inspections may be required in order to confirm the infestation. The cost of a building and pest inspection can vary depending on the location and type of inspection being performed. When you hire a building inspector, it’s important to be aware of their fees. 

Building inspectors have different rates depending on the type of inspection they are doing, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into. For example, if you have a home inspection, the inspector will likely use a simple chart to quote your fee. Simply find your inspection type (e.g. “home”), look for your property size, and then find your fixed price which includes GST. 

However, most inspections typically range from $299 to $549 pre-purchase building and pest. So, if you’re looking to have your building and pest inspection Gold Coast for potential pests or damages, be sure to calculate the total cost before making an appointment.


If you are a homeowner or property investor on the Gold Coast, then it is important that you know when to have a building and pest inspection done. The best time to have an inspection is when you are considering purchasing a property, as this will give you an idea of any potential problems with the property that might need to be fixed before you purchase it. 


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