What is Service Host Superfetch?

Superfetch is basically the technology from Microsoft that allows your pc to simply prefetch the most used programme. It was introduced in Microsoft from Windows XP onwards. It is a type of system tool that can be found in the programming and helps your windows to pre-fetch the most used application to Random Access Memory.

Service Host Superfetch Working:

Service host Superfetch is the windows operating tool can either be found in system files or running in the Windows Task Manager. Whenever you turn on your computer, this program starts working by default and start loading the list of your most used programmes.

Superfetch makes a list of most used applications and software’s among your computer and prepares to get loaded. Superfetch acquires some of the memory in RAM of the computer and keeps your most used application loaded in that reserved portion of RAM.

Superfetch makes a list of application that you use at most and keep this application pre loaded in the windows RAM so that whenever you click to open any particular app,  the application is pre-loaded thus do not take any initialization time to get loaded.

What Goes Wrong in Service Host Superfetch?

Along with many components of the windows, superfetch is also a Windows component. Like all other components of Windows, superfetch can also cause troubles many times. Superfetch is an autostart program that runs in the background. Running in the background makes superfetch to consume the amount of CPU and RAM of your computer. When you are running your windows with not a heavy system to accumulate all the task at the same time, then you can experience glitches and freezing of computer screen.

Superfetch can sometimes become a loading element in your computer components. Since whether you are working n your favorite application or not, superfetch still keeps the most used software in line to get booted anytime you hit on them. This can make you low on memory and cause performance errors in the middle of your working. Since it keeps some of the occupied RAM, thus it is important that you must have sufficient RAM for a reserved section of your Windows.

Many users have also reported that there is a sudden risen the CPU and RAM of the computer and their CPU suddenly gain spike. The problems arise in the computer that is working on less then 4gb of RAM. It’s possible that because of the way games will pick up and drop RAM as and when it’s needed, that SuperFetch is getting in the way and causing gameplay stutters while everything shuffles around in memory.

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