What is Mindless Eating and How to avoid Mindless Eating


TV or a book, which are really good means of entertainment, can become a hazard for health if not used on scheduled or right time. People who tend to eat while watching TV or reading book leads to over snacking than those who pay attention and enjoy their meals, research shows. Moreover one cannot remember the taste of food, quantity and how much they had consumed. This, of course makes you fatter than eating on table enjoying every bite with family.

This tendency is called as mindless eating. It may result due to many other reasons too. Foremost reasons can be busy day schedule, stress, doing many tasks simultaneously, disturbed eating etc. It builds our habit having unhealthy and over eating. On other hand mindful eating is judging your hunger on time, cutting down distractions, eating food with all open senses and eating with positive view, with awareness of nurturing activity.
Eating while watching TV and reading book is sometimes totally unwanted food for body, eating when we are not hungry or if hungry but not enjoying eating, this kind of eating is wastage. It only adds to obesity.
According to the study, one major factor also works here if we want to quit our habit to eat while watching TV that is, choose foods you will enjoy and will satisfy you mentally and physically. You will definitely enjoy nourishment that your toiling body is receiving from the healthy foods that you consume and will value what it allows your body to do each day. The best way of enjoying the food is to have it in pleasant environment that is without any distractions and feel the smell, sense the taste and it chew well.
Food is essential for our body, so best way is to experience it to the fullest. Make it memorable and if possible appreciate the food and use all your senses to enjoy it.


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