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Top 5 Shoes for Over-Pronators – Reviews

Overpronation refers to the flattening of your feet. It means that your foot rolls inward as you move forward. Mostly, people with over-pronation are advised to wear running shoes. This is because running shoes will help you to reduce your pronation rate. The running or stability shoes recommended by a local store advisor won’t help you to overcome this situation. That is why I will recommend you to buy running shoes that will surely help you to overcome your over-pronation easily with their modern design and comfortability.

In this article, I will provide you with a step by step guide about the top 5 running shoes for pronators that are reliable and helpful due to their bottom lines, midsole foams and other modern add-ons.

1.    Nike Men’s Air Zoom Structure 19

These shoes are one of the best in terms of the comfort and fitting of your feet. These shoes come with three different kinds of foam within the sole unit. There are various colors available for Nike Men’s Air Zoom Structure such as white, dark blue, light blue, black, etc.

Air Zoom technology offers you extra cushioning under the ball of your feet that add comfortability to your feet. This will make your feet feel highly cushioned. Also, you will get great arch support that is not even highlighted in the footbed.

2.     Asics Gel-Kayano 25

The Asics Gel-Kayano 25 is a very popular series that is reliable for over-pronators who are searching got some comfortable, supportive shoes then these shoes are the best option for you. Almost everything about these shoes is focused on endurance. These shoes contain a medical support system, the Asics Gel Kayano is also known as a Comfort king that contains a FlyteFoam Propel that offers an improved level of bounce. These shoes offer extra medical support in order to over-pronation and a decent way to give your feet cushioning without getting overboard, which makes these shoes an allrounder having all specifications.

3.     Brooks Men’s Ravenna 9 Running Shoes

Ravenna 9 is a popular company that has been making shoes for a couple of years. These shoes are considered as a class of stability but now the company has been making a series of comfortable shoes having a neutral design in its actual midsole.

These shoes are great and highly recommended for the persons who are mild over-pronators, searching for little support but don’t need overbearing.

The rubber outsole is also highly durable and grippy as well. The upper mesh also seems to be breathable and comfortable. These shoes are very lightweight and flexible as well.

4.     Asics Men’s Gel Foundation 13 Running Shoe

The Asics Gel Foundation is another great choice for you if you are an over-pronator. These shoes are well-cushioned and also provide stability to your feet.

The midsole is made up of SpEVA foam that provides gel cushioning under the heel of your feet and forefoot gets a cushioned ride.

The latest technology used in these shoes provides support and stability while the 10mm heel drop is better for over-pronators.

The insole is also removable in order to allow custom orthotics.

5.    Addidas Men’s Ultra Boost ST Running Shoe

Addidas Ultra ST Running Shoes fix up themselves according to your feet. These shoes become extra springy due to the industry-standard EVA foam, utilizing Addidas’s famous Boost Technology.

A torsion system is applied to the middle sole provides good stability while the outsole is made up of durable rubber which has excellent traction.

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