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Tools an Electrician Needs

To do their job correctly, an electrician Sutherland Shirewill need to have special tools that you would not normally find in a regular toolbox that a homeowner might use.  These are tools that are essential to do their work.  The tools that they need may vary according to the type of electrician and the job they are working on.  All electricians need insulated tools and protective equipment.

  • Nut drivers and screwdrivers—these are the tools that should always be in easy reach for an electrician BondiThey will need a variety of screwdrivers that can handle different fastener heads. This includes Torx, slotted, and Phillips.  There are also less common ones like square heads.
  • Side-cutting pliers—this tool is used to cutting wires to a specific length.  They are also used for crimping connectors, performing other miscellaneous tasks, and ripping out staples.
  • Pliers—this is one of the most important tools that an electrician might use but they will also need other types of pliers and sizes.  The toolbox should also cover needle-nose pliers, which are handy for retrieving items dropped in small spaces and holding small fasteners.  Since these are an important tools, look for ones with a cushioned handle.
  • Tongue and groove pliers—these types are also referred to as channel locks.  They are needed for working with conduits and pipes.  There should be at least two of these in the toolbox tightening couplings and working on pipes.
  • Wire strippers—in some toolboxes you may find a manual wire stripper that has slots for different wire gauges but today, there are automatic ones that will automatically adjust to the gauge of the wire.
  • Pipe reamer—this tool is used to smooth out the edges of the cut conduit to help prevent the wires from snagging on them
  • Measuring tape—in addition to the traditional metal band measuring tape, an electrician Sutherland Shire should also have a six-foot wood rule when working in energized environments.  There are also laser measuring tapes today that is accurate, fast, and have the memory to store measurements.  They can also do measurement calculations.
  • Drill—no matter what type of electrical work they do, they will at some point need a drill.  Some have multiple power drills.  It is nice to have a low-voltage cordless drill for fastening work.  You may also need a hammer drill if you have to work through concrete.
  • Non-contact voltage tester—an electrician Bondineeds this tool to use to find out if an electrical line is live.  They are pen-sized and pen-shaped and will sense electrical fields without having to make contact with the wire.


These are just some of the many different tools that should be in an electrician’s toolbox.  There should also be a variety of saws and a digital multimeter that will tell you about a circuit, and if there is power present plus other things.  If you are a new electrician, talk to an experienced electrician about what should go in your toolbox.

Anyone reading this article needs to be aware that in Australia residents cannot take up fixing electrical or plumber issues themselves. Fixing electrical issues in your house is not a DIY (Do It Yourself) thing and is illegal across Australia.

You can only hire a licensed electrician to fix electrical issues be it wiring related or electrical switchboards or fitting a fan. For more complex electrical issues you can hire the services of a level 2 electrician.

Some electricians charge on a per hour basis while most others give you a fixed cost estimate to do the job.


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