The Festival of Chaitra Navratri

Happy NavratiChaitra Navratri, even famous as the name of Chait Navratras, is the festival of nine-day observed in the Chaitra month. In this year dates of chaitra Navratri, during the month Chaitra are – from March 21 to March 28. The festival of Chaitra Navratras begins on the first day of month Chaitra and completes on Ram Navami, the 9th day of the Chaitra month. According to the legends declared in the Hindu scriptures and Puranas, Chaitra Navratri is the genuine Navratri throughout which Goddess Durga was worshipped. But throughout the period of Ramayan war, Lord Ram worshipped Goddess Durga at the time of month Ashwin. From then, Ashwin Navratri has turns out to be the season of main festive to adoration goddess Durga.

Significance Of Chaitra Navratri

The festival of Chaitra Navratri is very important Hindus festival. Devotees love Maa Shakti, Goddess of celestial power, through this time and hope to be bestowed by heavenly benediction from divinity. Praying and fasting mark the celebrations of Navratri. Goddess Maa Shakti patents herself in three special dimensions as Goddess Saraswati, Laxmi and Durga. The festival of Navratri is separated into sets of three days to worship three different parts of the best goddess or goddesses.

On the starting three days Durga or Energy’s Goddess is worshipped. After that, the three days are dedicated to Lakshmi or Wealth’s Goddess and the final three days for Saraswati or the knowledge’s Goddess. On the 8th and 9th day, Yagna (forfeit presented to the fire) is executed to honor Maa Durga and bid them farewell. On these very special days Kanya Puja ritual is executed. Nine young age girls (those girls who have not reached at the teens stage) on behalf of the nine types of Maa Durga are worshiped. In few state even a young boys escorts them who represents Bhairav, who is measured as protector next to all evils. Those people who respect Goddess without any desire or expectation being fulfilled accept her blessings as eventual independence from the whole bondages.

Tantra and Navratri

The time of Navratri is measured to be very important and productive from view point of Tantric performances. It is supposed that one gets greater Tantric powers throughout these times of Navratras. The cosmic maternal power provides the worshipers who understand mysterious methods of Tantra and perform it in the correct manner. Those people who worship Goddess in or all around the Shakti Peetha (Unique Temples of Maa Shakti) harvest outstanding rewards even quicker.

At the back, Navratri being a time of purification and introspection is even measured a favorable time for starting new projects.

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