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The Application field of CNC machining

The upgrade and application of numerical control (CNC) technology have undergone fundamental changes in the traditional manufacturing industry. The iteration of microelectronics and computer technology has also brought new vitality to numerical control technology; numerical control technology and numerical control equipment have become an important basis for industrial modernization.

As a general subtraction processing and manufacturing method, CNC manufacturing services has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, and high flexibility, according to the design complexity of components using the different coaxial number of CNC machines to remove part of the material until cutting into finished parts. 

CNC is widely used in daily parts processing due to its accuracy, convenience, efficiency, and low cost. So, which product parts are more cost-effective for CNC machining? The different classifications of Aria manufacturing summarized a variety of parts suitable for CNC machining.

Material classification, metal, plastic, wood, and other special ceramic, foam, and carbon fiber materials.

In the industry classification, aerospace industry, transportation industry, oil and gas industry, electronics industry, Marine industry, medical industry, and optical industry.

In CNC numerical control processing, Aria manufacturing focusing on the mass production of the hand plate model shows a significant advantage. The introduction of advanced NUMERICAL control equipment can effectively ensure three aspects’ dimensions, position, and shape accuracy.

In addition, the rich industry application experience, so that the company CNC machining has become a small batch, prototype production economic choice so that manufacturers achieve cost reduction and efficiency; Without human intervention, the equipment can also be produced for 7*24H to ensure efficient delivery; The ultra-precise machining process also allows the components to achieve excellent surface finish while maintaining better strength and structural integrity.

In the automotive, medical, electronics, and other fields to provide the standard of 13 years, Mr. Surplus technology continues to intensify research and development of science and technology, improve enterprise innovation ability, to the technology strives for perfection, for technology carefully polished, advanced the process of intelligent upgrade and research and development, constantly improve the level of the company’s intelligent manufacturing, production efficiency, and yield, and expand the company’s core competitive advantage.

CNC machining can greatly reduce the number of tooling, and machining complex shape parts do not need complex tooling. If you want to change the shape and size of a part, just modify the part processing procedure. This applies to the development and modification of new products. CNC machining quality is stable, has high machining accuracy, high repetition accuracy, and meets the aircraft processing requirements. CNC machining has higher production efficiency under the condition of multiple varieties and small batch production, which can reduce production preparation time, machine tool adjustment, and process inspection and reduce the cutting time due to the best cutting quantity. So what are the application areas involved in CNC machining?

CNC machining can process complex contours that are difficult to be processed by traditional methods and can even process some parts that cannot be observed. CNC machining can be used in all major industries, especially the core industries to which some countries attach great importance. CNC machining center mainly processes box workpieces, complex surface workpieces, special-shaped workpieces, disc workpieces, sleeve workpieces, plate workpieces, and other complex shape workpieces.

CNC machining can complete the processing of the disc, sleeve, and plate workpiece. There are many such parts, including disc sleeves or shafts with keyways and radial holes, flat porous systems, curved surfaces such as shaft sleeves with flanges, shaft parts with keyways or square heads, and plate parts with porous finishes motor covers. CNC machining can be used to process box-type workpieces. Machining box type workpiece usually requires high precision hole system and surface machining. In the machining center processing box workpiece, 60% ~ 95% of the processing process content can be completed at a time.

CNC machining can process the complex curved workpiece. Usually, machining centers with more than 4 axes are used for machining complex curved workpieces. For example, the 5 axis machining center can process various complex curved workpieces, and the 3-axis machining center can also be used for a simple curved workpiece. However, ball end mills must be used to complete machining in three coordinates. 

High processing efficiency, but relatively low efficiency. If the 3-axis machining center is used to process the complex surface workpiece, the machine tool cannot process it because the 3-axis machining center can only process the simple surface workpiece. Still, the complex surface workpiece cannot be processed, such as impeller, blade, Marine propeller, and other complex surface parts need a 4-axis linkage machining center to complete the processing.


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