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How to start your own website for less than 30 dollars?

Hiring a Web Design Company to create your website can cost you a lot of money but starting your own website has never been easier; now you can start a website for literally less than 30 dollars. Whether you need a business website, a personal blog or even an eCommerce online store, all of that can be done for less than 30 dollars. Today in this article we will tell you how you can do that.

The first thing you will need is a reliable web host but reliable doesn’t always mean high cost. There are many reliable web hosts out there that offer cheap shared hosting that start from just $2.99. When you are starting off, you do not need that much disk space or bandwidth so you can start with the cheapest shared hosting plan. Most importantly, cheap shared hosting plans will have the same performance as the most expensive shared hosting plans. Most shared hosting plans also offer a control panel like cPanel or DIrectAdmin for you to easily manage your domain names, files and email accounts. Therefore, no technical knowledge is required and there are many guides on the world wide web that can help you with using those control panels.

Now that you have web hosting, you will need to purchase a domain name. Domain name costs around $10 per month from places like NameCheap. There are also other domain registrars that have offers which sell you domains for under $5 for the first year. Make use of these offers to get a cheap domain for the first year. Once your website starts bringing in revenue, you will be able to afford the full price during the second year onwards.

Now that you have purchased a domain and web hosting from a reliable web host, you will need a good CMS. The CMS we recommend is WordPress since there are many free WordPress themes that you can use so you don’t not need to pay a single penny for a web design. Installing Wordpress using a control panel like cPanel or DirectAdmin is very easy and if your web hosting account provides web software installers like softaculous, then the process is even easier. There are also many guides out there which provide step by step instructions on installing WordPress on your server.

That is literally it! You have created your own website for less than 30 dollars. There are still improvements you can make to your website though. For example, you can add an SSL certificate to your website. Now Google Chrome marks websites without an SSL certificate as “Not Secure” so its important to get an SSL certificate considering you can get it for free. Yes, for free.  If you run an eCommerce store or website that allows user registration, then a SSL certificate is essential since the data transferred through the internet must be encrypted with a SSL certificate. To get a free SSL certificate, you can use Lets Encrypt and your web host will be able to help you install it on your server.

Finally, you probably need a logo and favicon; even if you are going to use all the images of the free theme, you would need a custom logo and favicon that represents your website. You can get one from Fiverr for a fiver. Guess what? Your cost is still under 30 dollars. Creating website has never been cheaper with all these free and cheap options that you can use to create and secure your own website. If you think that you need to spend thousands on websites, then you are wrong. However, if you are a big business, then you should hire a web design company to get your own design and branding.

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