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Best Smartwatch for Kids – Buying Guide and Reviews

A smartwatch can be the best gift for your child. Whether it is his birthday or a special occasion, seeing smartwatch on his wrist,  your child will get lots of happiness. There are few things that matters to ensure you have got the right smartwatch for your child.

Some parents don’t feel comfortable in giving smartphone to their child. They opt for wearable tech to see their children smiling. However, it is the best alternative for smartphones. Keep your kid happy and secure by choosing one from plethora of smartwatch available in the market. It may seem difficult for you to choose the right one that’s why we have made this guide for you.  The smartwatch can be used in many ways like fitness Tracker, activity tracker, GPS Tracking etc.

Features to Consider


One of the most important feature to consider is none other than GPS enabled. You can easily know that where your child is when you are not with them. HereO GPS, FiLIP and VTech kidizoom are such models that boasts fully functional advanced GPS technology.

Voice calling

Not every smartwatch allow children to call. Some companies like FiLIP make top-notch watch but claim themselves as a wearable smartphone. They provide the option of calling the child. Parents feel secure as they offers a safety and protect them from strangers.

Smartphone Connection

With the help of an app in your phone, log in into to see where your child is and must be there you wanted to. Some of the apps allow you to label places like school and home as safezone. When the child leaves that place, you will get notified.


Customizable smartwatch are loved by kids, they can choose the their own favorite color, switching faces and much more. However, you can also prefer to go for smartwatch with simple design as per your child taste.


Now comes the most loved features by the kids. Almost every child who loves tech, like to play games. Some smartwatches comes highly addictive educational games to make your child intelligent and provide entertainment. Also, they get encouragement for learning.

Splash proof

Playing with waters a bad habit of kids. No matter how hard you try, it’s hard to keep away from the water. It’s necessary to have a splash proof smartwatch so that the device doesn’t get harm from it.

Best Smartwatches for Kids in 2020

Even after seeing all the specs, if you are still confused then here is the the list of few of the best smartwatches available in the market right now.

Orbo Kids Smartwatch

Orbo is a kids friendly smartwatch that comes with a vivid display. It is primarily designed for the kids of 3 to 8 years old. With it, your children can learn the basics of timekeeping. Moreover, the device had both a analog and digital clock face for kid’s convenience. To connect it with your phone, this device is Bluetooth enabled. Also, there are few pre-installed games, a built-in camera, time master and many more.

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

FitBit Versa is a light-weight smartwatch featured with four day of battery life beating Apple watch, and is compatible with both the major platforms Android and iOS. It is water resistant to 50 meters, and is able to show messages, phone calls and notifications. Some pre-installed apps allow you to set alarm and even check weather. In addition, it also tracks your child’s fitness activities.  The Fitbit Versa is also one of the best smartwatch in India for Kids.

AmbyGear Smartwatch

For your active naughty child, this is the best smartwatch that you can give to him. It is the best Rugged watch loaded with features including messaging, a smart calendar, safe zones, and parental controls. As your child grows, new apps can be enabled later on. Get alerts when your kid leave or enter into a geo fence. Moreover, the device is equipped with built-in GPS for tracking the child.


HerO smartwatch is designed for the kids under 3 to 12 years of age. It is more useful to the parents than to the child. This watch is splashproof as well as dustproof. The band is made of soft silicon, and the case is durable because of strong plastic. It is packed with the features like GSM, GPS and WiFi connectivity.

DokiWatch S

DokiWatch S is the advanced smartwatch  made for 6-12 years old children. This device has everything to call it a perfect smartwatch. Some of the features include GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, built-in camera for video calling. There is also a Tamagotchi-style activity games that kid get to play through a feature known as DokiPet. It also contains a color touchscreen, and SOS alarm for child’s safety. You have a variety of colors to choose from including yellow, pink, blue and dark grey.

The Tinitell Watch

The main motive behind designing this watch is to provide a simpler way of communication between parents and their child. It serves as a phone that allow the kid to call preset numbers and also receive calls from parents. The watch does your work without tapping with the help of voice command feature. There are three buttons present on the watch. Button on the front turn the device on and off. Also, the two other buttons are for setting volume levels.


With the help of this guide, you can easily figure out the right watch for your kid. And, if you feel you can’t then buy the one listed by us.

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