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Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Price In India, Review & Features

Samung Galaxy Ace Duos Price In India:

Samsung galaxy ace duos is an Android smartphone and it costs Rs. 12,975 in India.  Thinking of buying it? Must Read our review below.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Review:

The real ace in all the smart phones is the Samsung Galaxy Ace, with Dual SIM and 3G. This phone with double SIM comes with many more advantages in addition to being able to support two SIM cards. Today, where the coverage of one provider cannot cover all the areas, it’s wise to get the ability to use two SIM cards in one phone. We cannot discount the fact that the more number of SIMs the more benefits with attractive plans and rebates that the Service providers offer. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos accommodates 2 SIMs anyway, but has much more to offer along with its sleek and slim appearance.


Looks and display:
The phone gives a solid 3.5 inch TFT screen for a larger and better display. The body is made of plastic, keeping the weight in consideration. However, it is covered with a metal frame around the body. Weighing approximately 122g, this phone is ultra light weight.

Operating System and software:
This phone comes with the high end version of android which is Ginger Bread. Along with this, there are many other application like Clock, Memo for note taking, Calendar, Email, My files for viewing files, News and Weather, Calculator, Quickoffice for viewing office documents,Task manager etc. One can even download much more from a website considering the giant memory that the phone comes with. This even comes with the tools like Bluetooth, GPRS, Sound and rotate tool.

Phone has 3 GB of internal memory. The external memory can be upgraded up to 32 GB, which is really huge and can accommodate a lot many apps and games for the user.

The 5MP camera is completely loaded with quality. The camera picture colors are not too bright but the picture has overall decent quality. Other camera options include, timer, exposure and several scene modes such as Portrait, Night, Landscape, Sports, Beach / Snow, Party / Indoor, Sunset, Fall Color, Dawn, Text, Fireworks, Candlelight and Backlight, effects (Negative, black and white, Sepia).

The player supports AAC, IMY, AMR, MP3, MIDI, WAV formats. The loud speaker that is available in the phone is pretty load that you can be the favorite J.D in any party.

The messaging format is the thread format to accommodate the smart way of looking at all messages from one person at one go.

The browser is very good in Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos that it offers multiple tabs, Pop-up blocking, passwords and javascript and much more.

This is a very good phone for people who are looking for 2 SIM cards and are planning for savings in terms of call charges and browsing charges. You may not even need to buy a memory card for the slot because of the huge internal memory of 3 GB. Its good enough to store music, games and apps along with the contacts. The connectivity options include WiFi hotspot, GPS / aGPS and it also has Bluetooth 3.0. Overall it’s sleekness, Camera and giant memory are the complete win-overs.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos will get a tough competition from Nokia Lumia 610.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos unboxing video: Have a look at the unboxing and quick review video by folks from iGyaan.


So, what do you think of Samsung ace duos? Will you buy it or would you recommend it to someone? Let us know in the comments below.


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