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Richie & Burnsie (A Balance Diet Beagle)

In our household, we raised Richie, a Miniature Schnauzer, born in April 2015, and Callie, a Hovawart Lady, born in December of the same year.

Richie had always been a very finicky eater, coming to his bowl only after a lot of coaxing and then with a hanging head and shoulders, never enjoying his food nor eating it all. I tried many brands of kibble spiked with chicken, lamb, beef or fish, canned chicken, fresh carrots, yogurt, cut up pecans, and the like. I never seemed to be able to please him.

Now – Callie, our big girl, she likes to eat! from the get-go she has had bowel troubles – loose stool, diarrhea, and constipation both at the same time. Terrible! Because of her, I tried to cook the meals from scratch with millet, brown rice, raw oats in chicken broth; nothing seemed to help. Our Vet was asked every time we saw him, no help from him either. Every night at least twice I had to get up to let her out and even then she sometimes had an accident in the house which was terrible for her and us.

Our turn for the better came when I saw an article in “The Whole Dog Journal” in which they introduced innovative dog foods. I studied the write-up very thoroughly, BalanceDiet Supreme-V impressed me most.

The conversation on the phone with you was very informative and convinced me, even more, to place an order and give Supreme-V a try. The boxes arrived, and with the first meal, the eating habits of Richie changed utterly. He now comes to the kitchen when I fill the bowls and needless to say, he eats every morsel I put out for him. And Callie – well, you can guess it – diarrhea and loose stools are a thing of the past, excellent for all of us.

After finishing the first box with such good results, our Hovawart Lady Callie found a little Beagle puppy in the nearby park where we take our dogs for daily walks and romps. When on the 2nd-morning walk, the puppy was still lying in the same spot as a dry creek, we just had to take him home. But let me tell you, we had never seen anything like it. He was stinking to high heaven. It took us 2 hours to give him a medicinal bath and comb out all those enormously big fleas and free him of ticks. That same afternoon our Bet judged him by his teeth to about four months old. His belly was bloated not with food but with all worms possible. His legs were so weak he wasn’t able to run away from us. The ribs would be counted from afar, poor Beagle, he was a sick puppy! With the help of the Vet we dewormed him, got him going on the vaccination schedule and at home offered him daily three small meals of Supreme-V Kibble.

We named him “Burnsie” as we found him in “Burns Park”! After two weeks we saw the Vet again and in that short period of time he had gained 6 lbs with no more worms, no longer anemic and was altogether a different dog, with just the right size of moisture content of the Supreme-V Kibble it was easy for him to eat even though he is losing his first set of teeth rapidly. He now eats twice a day Supreme-V.

So, ours is a beautiful success story, and I am eager to place my 2nd order now. You have thoroughly convinced me with Supreme-V Kibble BalanceDiet, and I would like to go one step further this time and add the Enzyme Supplement Velumin which you also offer.

Rajesh Jat
"Be Human, Love Nature" I am a SEO Professional from India.

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