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Premade Book Cover Designing Tips

The advent of eBooks has revolutionized how we write and read. Thanks to the growth of reading websites online as well as portable reading devices and books that are available for download that we are able to write and read in a completely new and innovative method.

Reading books is an activity that is enjoyed by people from all over the world. Hand-held books are hard to manage and readers are shifting to more modern methods of reading. eBooks also need to be similar to traditional books in order to keep the joy of reading in a positive way. If you’re thinking of writing or want to make eBooks available online begin with a beautiful cover.

A good eBook cover design must be appealing to the reader and draw their attention. Here are some suggestions to create interesting and attractive book covers:


  • Before you design the cover, you should think about the people you want to reach. Note down the traits of those who would be attracted to the book.
  • The size of the cover and the format must be identified for the eBook. The ideal size is 600x 800 pixels.
  • If you’re an author of note Your name font should be bigger than your title of your book.
  • The eBook covers must be read as a thumbnail.
  • The Image is the view point of your eBook. It must have a suitable and appealing picture. Keep looking for the perfect image until you can’t come across one that is perfect to make your title clearer.
  • Select the correct font that complements the image and blends into the cover in a good way. Do not use a sexy typeface.
  • Playing with colors can be dangerous. Make sure you use sophisticated contrasts in colors and make sure that the background complements the color of the font.
  • Note: The resolution for the eBook cover must be 72 dpi.
  • After you have completed your cover, check whether it’s delivering the correct message.
  • Test market your design. Send the covers to prospective readers, or distribute it to your family and friends. alter it based on the feedback of those who have read it.
  • If you’re finding it difficult to create your eBook cover or want to revamp the cover, you can hire an expert to design this for you.

These guidelines can help you start and will certainly help. An impeccable, top-quality and impressive eBook cover design will increase sales and increase your visibility. You don’t have to fret if you don’t have the expertise to create covers, for custom and premade book cover design just visit DigiArt site and they’ll be more than willing to design your cover for you.

DigiArt is a reputable service that also has skills and experience in the design of cover and covers for E-books, as well as offering the best service regarding eBook Cover Design and on eBook covers.

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