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Kummattikali mask dance photos
Kummattikali mask dance photos

We are indians and we are well known for our culture and festivals. We celebrate each and every festival with joy and fun. And as we all know the upcoming festival is Onam. It is the festival celebrated by the hindu people of kerla specially. The celebration of the festival starts from Atham(first day), Chithira(second day), Chodhi(third day), Vishakam(fourth day), Anizham(fifth day), Thriketa( sixth day), Moolam(seventh day), Pooradam(eighth day), Uthradom(ninth day),Thiruvonam(tenth day). People celebrate it with the cultural program like Vallam Kali, Pulikali, Pookkalam, Onathappan, Thumbi Thullal, Onavillu, Kazhchakkula, Onapottan etc.

Onam Melodies:-

Here are some name, videos and lyrics of the famous onam songs 2017.

1) Ajapala

::Watch Video Of Onam Song::

2) Nirayo Nira

  ::Download Onam Video::


3) Ente hridayam

  ::Download Onam Video::


4) Kannane kanikanan

::Watch Video Of Onam Song::


5) Nalumanipoove

  ::Download Onam Video::


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