No doubt in the statement that Apple devices are the go to partners of mankind in today’s digitally advanced world. Modernization in the field of electronics is sky rocketing with the markets flourishing with innumerable brands putting forth alike devices. But, have you ever wondered who wins the race? It’s of course Apple. From their premiere iPhone range doing rounds to their iPads and their watches, everything has unique mesmerizing features that keep their products shining from varied other widely available ranges. The Apple watch straps for girls proves to be a cherry on top, with its styling sense of innovation and amazing color options. 

Today, let’s talk about their watch segment which certainly rules the heart of people with the commendable attributes it possess. When it comes to shop a classy and elegant watch, Apple is the first choice of consumers all over the globe. Apple watch is jam-packed with qualities and detectors, and many individuals seem to be unsure where to begin and how to get something out of it. For certain if you purchased or got a present, our goal is to assist you in getting the best out of your new watch. Following is a list of 10 things you should do with your new Apple watch. 

1. Managing the Apple watch

Just like iPhone a swipe down will reveal the notifications. The Control Center can be accessed by dragging up from the screen below. Users will be willing to add, eliminate, and reorganize the switches according to ones desires. Apple watches online, are a highly available product range, having a hardware located power button of whose a single click on the side button would display the most recently used or favorite app. A dual tap reveals the cards stored in Wallet.

2. Selecting a watch image 

One of the most important things to do after buying an Apple watch is to set a watch image that resembles your personality and preference. Apple offers a wide variety of face options to choose from, though one missing thing is the use of customized face option. Apple watch features amazing screen resolution which surely makes a huge difference. 

3. Jiggle mode helps to change the app layout 

Apple watch for girls is synonym to customizing the app layout of the watch, for a better and comfortable use. Yes, girls being very particular about things, they love to arrange their screen as well. This is an easy feature enabled by the Jiggle mode. Holding on to the App screen to turn on the edit mode and then simple move the applications as per your preferences. Moreover, if not needed elimination of applications can also be done precisely, by dragging them around. 

4. Activity tracking objectives 

This watch has everything that a person craves for. Health freaks demand this watch so that they can schedule their activity status and do things according to the pre determined goals and objectives. As a word of wisdom, establish objectives that are attainable while also pushing you to ace the race by doing something unique. This manner, you’re more inclined to stick driven to narrow them. As an outcome, as user decided loftier aspirations so often and you would then gradually progress.

5. Adjusting it to water resistant mode

Water-resistance is built into the Apple Watch. This implies you can wear it while showering or swimming. Glance up to display the Control Center and tap the water drop – style toggle prior to actually entering the bath or a swimming area.  This should disable the touch screen interface, preventing the watch from registering the drops of water as spontaneous snaps. 

6. Changing the watch bands

Using the same watch strap over months can make things monotonous and dull, but, keeping in mind that this is your favorite watch, here is an alternative way to help you out. All you have to do is roll the already in bands while clicking and holding on to the two buttons at the back. Insert the new ones thereafter and you are set to have a new watch ready! Girly Apple watches have even more high availability of straps to make the pretty girls happy and keep shining. 

7. Sleep tracking option 

Wearing your Apple watch to bed can make it calculate the amount of sleep you had, together with your heart rate. All you need to do is, turn on the Sleep mode in your watch by visiting the health app. With the sleep mode in swing, it will on its own turn the notifications to mute at your sleep time. Though, it allows you to keep on ring the important notifications as mentioned and selected by you beforehand. And, once you wake up your Apple watch will allow you to figure out how much you slept together with whatever happened while you were asleep. Together with a bright morning text!

Apple watch features know no bounds. Nevertheless, now you must be sure why are people drooling over their watches. These outstanding characteristics make it the top ranked seller across the world. Put a fashion statement with your Apple watch!


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