A Guide to Micro-Influencer Marketing

In the age of social media, your business has many tools at its disposal that allow for marketing in innovative and creative ways. While you likely know what an influencer is, you may not have yet explored the power of micro-influencing. Working with micro-influencers can help you to reach your target audience members in profound ways. Learn how you can make this marketing strategy work for your business.

Understand Micro-influencing

The first step is to understand what micro-influencing is. Micro-influences are individuals with social media accounts that typically have fewer than 100,000 followers. The number of followers is less important than the individuals who make up the target audience. In other words, micro-influencers typically have quite specific groups of followers.

For example, one micro-influencer might be followed by individuals who are interested in low-calorie coffee drinks, and another micro-influencer might have a following composed entirely of people who regularly use high-end makeup products. Micro-influencing allows your products to be marketed directly to members of your target audience. Further, when social media users are scrolling through their accounts, suggestions for relevant micro-influences pop up based on browsing history, which provides you with an even stronger chance of connecting with highly interested parties.

Select Your Platform and the Influencers

Consider which social media platform is most appropriate for your business. While you might be tempted to simply work with influencers on every possible platform, starting out on a smaller scale offers a more focused approach. Think about which platforms your target audience members use most frequently.

Now, you have to figure out which influencers you want to work with, which will require some research. You may already be aware of influencers who fit your business’s niche. If not, search for keywords related to your products and services on social media platforms.

When you find an influencer in whom you might be interested, look into that individual’s history. Selecting influencers who have been on the platform for some time is wise. You must ensure that the created content is of high quality and that the influencers know how to speak to an audience. Further, followers may trust seasoned influencers more than brand new ones.

Take a look at how the influencers interact with their followers as well. Keep in mind that your micro-influencers are acting as faces of your company in a way. Social media users who are rude to their followers can leave a bad impression of your business.

Determine Pay

As you’re getting closer to starting this new marketing campaign, you have to decide how much to pay the micro-influencers. One common approach is to implement a system based on commission. Another option is to consider a regular base pay in addition to the commission. In any case, having commission play a role is an important part of an effective micro-influencer program.

Offer Free Products or Services

You’ll need to provide free products or services to your micro-influencers. The goal is for these individuals to showcase your company’s products and services to potentially interested parties. You cannot expect the influencers to pay for these items. Make sure that the products are suitable for the influencers. For example, if your shop sells clothing, you have to ask the influencers for their correct sizes. Otherwise, the clothing will either not fit or will look odd in the social media posts. Be certain that the influencers are posting links to your storefront on their accounts so that interested parties know how to make a purchase.

Analyze the Trends

Once you’ve started working with micro-influencers, you need to evaluate how the plan is going. For example, knowing which influencers are leading the most business is critical. Using an influencer marketing software can help you to avoid having to manually conduct this type of research. Analyzing the trends can also help in determining which social media platforms are the most effective for advertising the business’s products or services. Then, you may decide to expand on the platforms that are the most successful.

If your company isn’t already using micro-influencer marketing, you’re missing out on powerful opportunities to generate more business. Micro-influencers can deliver information about your company’s offerings directly to your target audience members.

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