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Marble Countertops for the Kitchen and Bathroom

Some of the most attractive countertops in a bathroom or kitchen are made from marble slabs. They offer a range of veining and combination of colours and marble is one of the most sought after materials for that reason. Marble countertops Bayville, are unique, elegant and very traditional. Marble has been around for thousands of years, the Greeks, the Romans and other ancient civilizations used it. Its soft nature means it does not easily shatter and it is great for how it reflects light. Here is a closer look at why marble is popular and what things to keep in mind for maintaining marble.

Why marble is a popular choice

Marble is a popular choice for both countertops and backsplashes in the kitchen and bathroom because of how it looks and feels. It comes in a range of colours and that veining is an especially attractive part of the material. When you are looking to create an elegant, comfortable and beautiful space, this is a good option. People love to touch and admire it so it will also be popular with people who come over. The veining in the stone is a great way to enhance or compliment wood grain in the cabinets too and it offers an organic movement since it is a natural thing not rigid in its pattern or form. It works in both modern and contemporary designs and in homely and traditional designs. Marble slabs Bayville are highly fashionable.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

High maintenance material

While marble is very popular for its visual appeal, there are some things to keep in mind, especially if used in the kitchen specifically. It is high-maintenance, and it is best in a kitchen where either the cook is really careful and tidy or where only low to mid-level cooking happens. That softness that makes it tactile and great for things like statues, also means it is more prone to scratching and staining. It needs to have a protective layer to help and it needs more care to prevent damage, and more care to keep it looking clean and pristine.

Most marble countertops Point Pleasant Beach experts would suggest another option, like granite, for a heavy-use kitchen. Something to keep in mind is that in general, when marble is lighter, the material is softer, and darker marble is harder. So the white marble countertops are the ones that need the most looking after. Even when you choose a white marble that is more resistant than others, it does still damage and stain more easily than other surfaces.

Consider engineered marble

One option for people wanting marble slabs Bayville for the kitchen is to choose engineered marble rather than natural. They have come far recently in how they can offer the attractive nature of the natural marble but they come with better durability and are more maintenance free. It works by combining polymers and fillers with natural marble particles. If you are really set on having marble in the kitchen but really do not want all the care it needs this could be the answer.


Whatever your choice for a countertop is be sure that you have a firsthand look at the options available and how good the quality is. Make a decision on whether you want Italian marble to be used for the kitchen countertop or bathroom countertop or something else. Make a choice between marble countertops and granite countertops. One thing you must take care of is that you get what you ordered for your home kitchen or bathroom. The piece at the showroom or marble countertop seller should be the exact same piece which is delivered to you.


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