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7 Trendy Living Room Designs for 2022 Year

Each and every year new home design trends come to decor a perfect home. I have already talked about top 2022 bedroom interior designs, now its turn to watch out for living room designs. The freshness is always required while designing the home interior as maximum love to change their taste each and every time when decorating their room or personal area.

Living room is a common room which is used by every family member as well as friends, relatives and guests. So one must need to decorate living room with new catalogues and latest designing ornaments available in market. We can find lots of designs in the market for designing room walls. People are tend to have some flowers design painted on walls which suits the color combinations of painted wall and other materials available in living room.

Blue Living Room Design 2017
Blue Living Room Design 2022

Here in India, people are asking sofas in circle form for their living room as it helps to talk easily with more members at front of them. A rounded table matching with sofas is also asked to match up the sofas and compliments the walls of living room. Lightening conditions are important too, that’s why now days living rooms are constructed with more windows, ventilation’s and artificial lights.

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It’s a trend in society to have a L.E.D television in living room area as this part of home is constructed with large space. So we can have an excellent environment to sit in theatre to watch a movie or enjoy a football world cup match this year in stadium of our home. Flower pots are also used to make a lovely environment in this guest room.

Purple Living Room design
Purple Living Room design

Home designers will encourage people to have a simple living room design for their home as simplicity always create a peaceful and energetic environment in home. Here I have represented 7 living room designs for 2022 year I hope you will like one of them.

Small Living Room Decor Designs
Small Living Room Decor Designs

White black interior of living Room Designs
White black interior of living Room Designs

Red Pink Living Room Design
Red Pink Living Room Design

Living Room Interiors 2017 Designs
Living Room Interiors 2022

Cool Bedroom Designs
Cool Bedroom Designs

Note: These living room design images are taken from Google to take reference and shares the views.

Conclusion: Whatever the year is whether 2017 or 2022 or further more, whenever you think to decor your home, you should think about your dream home interior whether it is bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom or any other part of your home. In my opinion, decoration should be done from heart, not by mind. The more things you keep simple, you are going to have a lovely home decoration.

Now share your ideas regarding living room decor for this year 2022.


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