Tips to increase WiFi speed – Working Method

Many people suffer every day from slow internet speed connections. There are many difficulties if your internet is slow, such as transferring money online or downloading a movie, and your internet is not doing work correctly. So it’s a big problem for everyone.

Keeping all these problems in mind, users buy better cables and connectivity from the market to rescue internet problems. But still, people face the low speed of the internet.
If you have a big house like 2 story house and you want a maximum speed in every corner of your house you need a compatible router for 2 story house. But today we will give you some tips with the help of you can quickly increase the speed of your WiFi.

You need to find the correct location for your router.

You can place the router on a table or a shelf in the center of your house. You have to keep your router open so that the signal can reach you, and there is no obstruction of any wall or any other. You have to keep your router’s antenna upright and not touched by anything. If fewer walls in your house, then it is possible that you will not face much problem of slow WiFi.

Keep your router away from home or office electronic devices.

Often people keep their home and office electronic devices as well as routers such as TVs, monitors, AC power cords, fairy lights, speakers, etc. It would help if you never did this. It interrupts your router’s signal, which makes the router unable to do its job. And then you think there is a problem with an internet connection.

Set it apart from the wireless signal

With a wireless router, you will face some problems like if you have a Bluetooth or baby monitor, it will block your wireless router’s signal and will not let it do its job. If you do not want this to happen, then the dual-band router is a good option for you as it gives you a separate lane of the network.

Put your router in a beer can.

You may be wondering what this tip we are telling you. After all, how can a router be placed in a beer can, but it is the right thing. All you have to do is take an empty can and use it as a DIY parabolic antenna. It will protect your router from getting entangled with other devices so that your connectivity is not directly connected to any other device. Cut the ken into a sheet of the router. It looks like a nanny’s nukes, but believe me; it will work.

You have to use the password for the safety of your router.

You should know that default passwords are hacked very quickly by hackers, due to which your critical data can also be leaked. It would help if you kept changing your router password. So that even if someone has got your password, then they cannot take advantage of it. Speed ​​can also slow down due to more devices running on the same network. Also, if your neighbor has hacked your WiFi, then they will download any movie scene comfortably, then your bill will also be high, and you will not get internet speed according to your wishes.

It would help if you rebooted your router from time to time.

If you want to get a good internet speed, you should reboot your router ones in a day. Sometimes your router becomes very sluggish on the go and does not give better performance. To wake it up, you can reboot it after that; it will feel fresh and give you a better internet experience.

It would help if you switched your channel.

You have to switch your WiFi to another channel. You have to choose a different channel from your neighbor’s channel. So that your router’s signal does not get interrupted, and you do not need to share the internet.

Get the signal booster.

According to high-gain antennas routers, it would help if you had a faster and more powerful router. It will increase the power of your internet with good speed.

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