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Importance of Having an Emergency First Aid Kit

Most people do not even bother carrying a first aid box or first aid kit while traveling. People who make good travel plans or are particular about what they carry while on the move will always have a first aid kit with them.

Buying a Kit versus Home Made Kit

See there is no thumb rule that says carrying a homemade kit is not advisable. It is completely fine if you are certain you are carrying all the necessary stuff. The bare minimum is to have bandages, ointment to apply in case you have a small burn or a small cut, any prescription medicines that you have to take and more.

If you feel all of this is too much of a hassle for you then the best thing to do would be to purchase a first aid kit. These are easily available either at your nearest medical store or online as well. Wherever you purchase the first aid kit from make sure the contents with the kit include the following: gauze, bandages, antiseptic wipes, adhesive tape, scissors, alcohol, a first aid book, antibiotic cream, gloves, mask, tweezers, thermometer, burn treatment, safety pins, cold packs, foil blanket, a mouthpiece for CPR and CPR instructions.

Why Have a First Aid Kit

There are literally 100s of reasons why one should carry first aid kits while traveling or have one at home.

If you are a person who likes to drive the car on his/her own and you meet with a small accident. We sincerely hope nothing of this sort happens but if at all it were to happen then there should be a handy kit with all these items ready at your disposal. If the injury is more serious than mere cuts or bruises then you should call for immediate medical attention which should arrive in no time.

 If you are playing in the backyard or near the swimming pool with the family and slip or hurt yourself then the cut or bruise would need immediate attention. If you have a family first aid kit or a personal first aid kit then you know you can help yourself.

If you are a sports person or someone who like me likes cycling as a workout routine then carry a small family first aid kit on your cycle. An injury can take place at any time and you never when it will happen. Even if you’re riding in a group carrying a family first aid kit with you is a great thing to do. If you fall or slip or any of your group members has a fall you or they can be treated on the sport with the help of the personal first aid kit.

When you are with the kids; it’s all so common for kids and toddlers to have a fall. If they have a flat fall with not visible injury marks then that’s a hug relief for any parent. But if they happen to slip, fall or crash some place where they get a bruise or a cut then that could be a panic time for any parent. In such a situation having a family first aid kit or a personal first aid kitcould turn out to be a life saver.


A first aid kit does not cost much at all but is very handy when you need it. Having one in the home, in your car and at your work place is small step towards ensuring you can get minimal medical attention in case of bruise or a burn or a cut.


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