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How to Use Digital Height Gauge? Your Digital Height Gauge User Manual

If you are looking for the answer to how to use digital height gauge accurately then your search ends with us. A height gauge dates to 1651 when Pierre Vernier, noted French mathematician and scientist invested the Vernier Scale.

Revolutionizing how mechanical engineers measured their work. Alongside providing the ability to be able to measure tricky spots accurate. Heavily used in building tables and granite tiles and in almost all construction models.

What is a Digital height Gauge?

First developed in 1968 by the Trimos Company, Digital height gauges changed how fast engineers can measure things.

However nowadays, digital height gauges can come in three different categories.

Largely depending on its accuracy levels, the first category of digital height gauges are the very basic ones. Used for height measurements, in inch/meter scales with absolute zero and floating.

The second category of digital height gauges is upgraded versions that do the basic height measuring with additional settings. Such as ID/OD measurement with probe compensations too. These digital height gauges promise you a far more industrial level of accuracy.

The final category is a host to even more industrial measuring features. With complete computer interface, motorized probing, air bearings, 2D and 1D operational capability, you can expect a lot done with it.

How to Use Digital Height Gauge Accurately

Most height gauges come with a scriber which is used to find the top of the piece that is being measured. For more accurate readings on pivoted places, a digital height gauge is used.

Normally mechanical dial height gauges are equipped with a scriber and a test indicator. Digital height gauges will generally have a scriber and a touch probe.

In using the touch probe, an operator can accurately determine the difference between two distances as well as to detect zero.

Touch probes can also send measurements to a data collector or, advise the operator that a measurement has been completed and accurate readings are ready to be taken.

Mechanical height gauges routinely strugglein measuring distances between centres accurately. All of this is fixed with a digital height gauge.

Work Instructions for Height Gauge

Before you can begin to take measurements with a height gauge, several steps that will help ensure accuracy must first be performed.

Firstly, and the most vital step in measuring with a height gauge; is that you need to have a stable and flat surface toundertake your measurements.

Our recommended way to do this is by using a granite surface plate or table. Granite makes an ideal measuring surface as it is very sturdy and durable. It also doesn’t get distorted on temperature levels.

Once your granite surface is ready to ensure that it is free of debris and dirt. You can do this by using a specialist granite cleansing fluid. It effectively removes all oil, grease, cutting fluid and dirt built up.

You should performthe cleaning process should also be carried out on the base of your height gauge.

Once you are satisfied that your surface is dirt and debris free you need to run a test to make sure that the two surfaces are mating correctly. This is done by putting a test indicator to the scriber.

Now you need to move the indicator to the surface and then zero the gauge.

Press down softly on the base of the gauge. Remember, if the indicator moves, then the surface is not level.

The whole idea behind digital height gauges is to ensure that measurements are accurate to the very point, ensuring better built up of things. Making it easier for engineers to make do the math in creating better and more durable structures.

If you are a height gauge enthusiast do let us know in the comments section!

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