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How to Get an Indian Visa From the USA Easily

There are various ways to apply for an Indian e-Visa. Besides, you will be able to read about the required Documents and Time frame to get an Indian visa. Also, you will be able to know about the Renunciation certificate and other documents. So, how to get an Indian visa from the USA easily? Read on to get started on Indian Visa for US Citizens! This article will give you everything you need to know.

Applying for an Indian e-Visa

An e-Visa is an electronic document that can be used to visit India. There are different types of e-Visas. The e-Tourist e-Visa is issued for a 30 day stay while the e-Business e-Visa is issued for up to 180 days and allows you to enter India multiple times. Each type of e-Visa has different requirements.

A valid passport is essential for applying for an e-Visa. You must also ensure that your passport has at least six months of validity. Otherwise, you will not be able to submit your application. A photo must be uploaded on the application form, so download a free tool to convert your photos. Once you have the documents ready, complete the Indian Visa Application form. To learn more about the process, visit the official website. The site even has an infographic highlighting the steps of the e-Visa process.

Documents required

When applying for an Indian visa, you must provide the following documents: proof of residence in the USA, a naturalization or surrender certificate, and a birth certificate if you are an Indian citizen. Applicants who are naturalized must also provide proof of their relationship to an Indian citizen. In the case of a minor applicants, they must provide a three-month bank statement or their parent’s ID card. Applicants who are of Indian origin must also refer to the “Indian origin” tab to learn more about the rules of renunciation.

Applicants must submit the application form on two pages, and the forms must be signed on both pages. The signature on the first page must be below the photo. The signature on the second page must be on the bottom. The visa application process can take just a few minutes online. Additional details may be required after the payment is made. They may take another couple of minutes to complete. Once the application process is complete, you will receive an email confirming your visa application.

The time frame for getting a visa

How long does it take to get an Indian visa from the USA? It takes anywhere from three days to two weeks for a person of Indian origin to receive their visa. This time may be longer for short-term visas. The process of completing the reference check and the processing time for a regular tourist visa will add up to one week. Be sure to factor in transit and mailing time when applying for your visa.

For the R-1 visa, the processing time is six to eight months. The time required for a reply to an application can vary, as the USCIS may have to visit the organization’s premises to verify the applicant’s eligibility. Premium processing is also available for $1225. This option will speed up the processing of your application. The timeframe for getting an Indian visa from the USA will vary depending on your immigration status.

Renunciation certificate

To get an Indian visa from the USA, you must obtain “Renunciation Certificate” as your official passport. However, if you have been naturalized after June 1, then you can easily get it if you have the proper documents. For this purpose, you need to pay a fee of $175. The government website provides instructions on how to obtain this document. It is required by most Indian Consulates General worldwide.

First, you need to renounce your Indian citizenship. This process is required if you are an Indian citizen who has acquired U.S. citizenship. You must surrender your Indian passport within 90 days of acquiring U.S. citizenship. Naturalized citizens are also required to apply for renunciation. You can apply for it by mail or walk-in. The procedure is the same for all categories of renunciation.

Obtaining a visa

Obtaining an Indian visa from the USA is easy if you follow the guidelines carefully. While it is less hassle than submitting your passport and standing in a long queue outside the Indian embassy, it is not the most convenient process. You need to wait for your electronic Visa to be approved before you leave for India. Then, you can follow the instructions in the electronic visa application to complete the process. But it is important to remember that Indian visa regulations change often and are not strictly enforced. You should therefore always check the latest visa regulations for your destination.


To obtain an Indian visa from the USA, you must first know your I-20 program start date. Applicants who have their programs start before 1 August can travel to the USA 30 days before the program starts. Continuing students can travel up to three days before their program begins. The visa application process takes longer for students who want to travel after the first month of their program. However, if your program starts after 1 August, you can travel to the US at least three days before the start date.


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