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How to Find Jeans for Me? How to Choose Jeans- 2022 Tips

How to choose jeans
Women are morphologically different, so dissimilar to the fashion and certainly before a pair of jeans! It must therefore be based on its own morphology. And of course we forget the idea of wearing skinny jeans size 36 as her friend Victoria Beckham when your name is Jennifer Lopez and it assumes its forms!

How to Find Jeans for Me
How to Find Jeans for Me

How to Choose or Find Perfect Jeans -If :

You have wide hips:
– Opt for a jean size and shape rather high bootcut. The flared cut of these jeans will refine the silhouette and avoid a bottle of Perrier.

You buttocks to the J-Lo:
– Choose a wide cut or flared pants, and reject all too tight in the buttocks. For you the skinny jeans are banned.

You are small:
– The slim jeans and smoking are strongly recommended. They will elongate your silhouette.

You are slender:
– Opt for a jean low waist, flared at the bottom to give an impression of curves and volume.

You have a large trunk and short legs, you have a small can:
– Youll feel more comfortable in jeans low waist, but you better hide your curves with a small potential high waist jeans and a nice belt.
well raise.

Confused while Choosing perfect Jeans ?

How to choose perfect Jeans for Me
How to choose perfect Jeans for Me

Fortunately when the jeans do not inform appropriate as cowboys are long gone. There are now nearly as many cuts, colors and ways to wear jeans as there are shoes in the dressing Kate Moss, that is quite a bunch! The jeans are, if not the basic of any wardrobe worthy of the name. The advantage of this timeless (and therefore essential) is that you can wear in the office, shopping trip or evening. One condition: namely the grant with the rest of her outfit.

Classic version: you may attach to pretty tops, silk blouses, tunics or small blouses and wear ballet flats for a more relaxed style. The key is to always put a feminine touch to avoid falling into the mens side failed jeans.

Chic version: Focus on both fashionable jeans, skinny for size filiform or very high for others. We adopt the high-heeled shoes, a jacket and long waisted, and we do not hesitate to accessorize (without overdoing it either): either a very thin belt is a wide belt, a supersized bag, a ring XXL


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