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How to Crack the NEET Exam ? Must Read

India houses lakhs of aspirants for each field, be it science, medical, arts, or law. Due to the heavy competition, private institutes and the government organize competitive exams. These exams act as a threshold between the students and colleges. Every year, thousands of students enroll themselves for these entrance exams to get into top-notch colleges.

NEET, otherwise known as National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is one such competitive exam conducted in India. Students who aspire to get into a medical college have to pass this test.

About NEET

NEET Exam is an entrance exam conducted for students who aspire to get an MBBS, BDS, veterinary, Ayurvedic, or any other medical degree. The NEET exam was held only once a year, but from 2020, it will be conducted twice a year. The NEET exam is conducted in around ten languages by National Testing Agency. The exam comprises of three subjects, biology (botany and zoology), chemistry, and physics. The exam is conducted for 720 marks with a duration of three hours. Students are eligible for nine attempts if they belong to the unreserved category and 14 attempts if they are from the reserved category. The entrance exam fee ranges from INR 700 to INR 1400. Around 65,000 seats are allotted based on the NEET score. 15% of the seats in government, dental, and private medical colleges are allocated for NEET clearing students. Students can enroll in coaching centers or NEET classes in Punefor additional help. 

Tips to crack NEET exam

1. NEET exam is conducted two times in a year. Students can sit for both the exams. The best scores out of the two would be considered for admission.

2. The paper bears negative markings. Make sure of the answers before marking it on the answer sheet.

3. Craft a proper study time-table and follow it ardently. NEET is not a difficult exam but has a vast portion. Disciplined study patterns will help the student crack the exam easily. You can also take coaching through NEET classes in Pune.

4. Gain knowledge about the current exam pattern and portions to avoid last-minute surprises after seeing the question paper.

5. Try not to skip any topic. Prepare well and practice and study all the topics. All three subjects carry equal weightage. Take mock tests to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Devote more hours and work on the topics that you find difficult.

6. Take as many mock and practice tests as possible before sitting for the actual exam. This will make the student confidence and improve his (or her) accuracy of answering the questions correctly. Many NEET classes in Pune offer test series, which will help the student to ace the ultimate test.

7. Revise the subjects now and then so that you master the subject. You can opt for self-study or various NEET classes in Punewill coach you to achieve the dream score.

Online and offline coaching

The internet has brought medical coaching to your PCs or laptops. You can fabricate your time-table and get trained in the comfort of your place. At the end of each topic or subject, relevant tests are conducted.

You can also take admission for NEET classes in Pune, which will give you coaching around the year, and train you in all the subjects and help you get a good score. The coaching classes also conduct many mock tests to evade the fear of the students.

Why choose ALLEN?

ALLEN is one of the prominent coaching centers for NEET and other competitive exams held in India. Many medical aspiring students enroll in ALLEN, as they provide quality coaching at affordable prices. They believe in positive results and not promises. Many ex-students of ALLEN coaching centers have grabbed seats in top medical colleges and are successful doctors across the globe.

Bottom line

Competitive exams are easy if you invest the right amount of time, energy, and hard work into it. NEET exam is not difficult but requires a lot of time and patience to learn the vast portion. A student can ace the exam if he (or she) adheres to the time-table and takes coaching from NEET classes in Pune.Both online and offline coaching classes help the students with their queries and achieve a seat in their dream medical college. 

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