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All About Halloween Day- Facts, Costumes Ideas, Wishes

Halloween Day is one of the most favourite festivals celebrated in foreign countries. When it comes to India this festival is celebrated only at some places like Goa where people go for fun.

What is Halloween?

What is Halloween
What is Halloween

On this day people wear the costumes of ghosts and enjoy the night by lighting up the bonfire. The festival was originated with the ancient Samhain festival named Celtic.

The Halloween Date 2017 is 31st October. People have already started ordering costumes and searching for unique ideas which they can put up on that day.

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

In 19th century, the Samhain declared the last part of the year which is the beginning of winter as the “Dark half” of the year. It is said that when winter arrives, there was a linking done between this world and the other world. At that time the spirits or fairies are highly active and they can enter our world very easily. So, this is the way Halloween Starts.

Must Read Halloween Facts

You can download Halloween Facts and share it with your friends and family members to inform them about what this festival is and where people celebrate this. Let us see the Top 5 Halloween Facts that you must know.

Must Read Halloween Facts
Must Read Halloween Facts

  1. After Christmas, Halloween is the main reason behind the commercial holiday.
  2. If someone is suffering from Samhainophobia then it means the person is having fear of Halloween.
  3. Hallow’s Evening is the actual name. Halloween is the short form if this word.
  4. Another name of this festival is Witches Night.
  5. If you want to see a witch on Halloween’s night then you should wear your clothes inside out and walk in backward direction.

Download Halloween Images and scare your friends. Enjoy!

Unique Halloween Costumes Ideas 2017

The most lovely Halloween festival is around and people are searching Halloween costume ideas ,so here we have decided to upload few images ,so you can get ideas for Scary or Funny Halloween Costume.

Perfect Halloween Costumes for Couples

Halloween Costumes for Couples

Scary Halloween Costumes for Kids

Scary Halloween Costumes for Kids
Scary Halloween Costumes for Kids

2017 Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

2017 Halloween Costumes for Toddlers
Halloween Costumes

Some Halloween Costumes for Babies

Some Halloween Costumes for Babies
Costumes for Babies

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Adults

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Adults
Ideas for Adults

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