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How To Get Rid Of Facebook Addiction – Stop Facebook Addiction

Maybe your Facebook hobby began as a simple desire to be in touch with your friends or make new friends online, but now has become an addiction and you find it difficult to carry out your life without constantly checking your account?  If youre looking for a way to get rid of this addiction, follow the steps below:


1. Recognizing that you have an addiction: The first step in solving a problem is to recognizing it.

2. Define your goals on Facebook: Make a list of what you really want to accomplish with the activity that you hold in your account. Maybe you want to keep track of the birthdays of your friends, have a way to contact them, find old friends, etc. Define exactly what the goals you seek to accomplish with your facebook and write them down.

3. Calculate how much time per week you need to achieve those goals: Breakdown of the time according to each objective such as checking birthdays, spontaneously greet your friends, etc.

4. Set an agenda for the time youll spend on Facebook and stick to it: Write a schedule for your activity on Facebook, so it does not interfere with your other activities. And most importantly, stick to that agenda.

5. Find a replacement for the time that you are not going to spend on Facebook: This step will not be difficult. If you are addicted to Facebook, you are probably been neglecting other important areas of your life. So try to occupies your time in those productive activities.


  • You can use any program to block your access to Facebook, if you fall into the temptation to use off-hour. You can find some programs that function as network scheduling and parental controls. Some of these programs are free.
  • If after performing these steps to limit your use of Facebook, you still not get rid of your addiction, you should deactivate your account. This would be the last thing to do and not easy to carry it out, but if your life is upsetting because of this addiction, then it is a reasonable decision. Later, you can activate your account again, when you think you can control your addiction.


  • The use of Facebook and social networks in general is one of the biggest trends in the daily lives of people globally. It would be convenient for you to make an effort to moderate your use before seriously thinking  about closing your account permanently.

Things Youll Need:

  • Cooperation of your family and friends: Like every addiction, your environment should help avoid this addiction of Facebook.
  • Change cellphone: You can use a cellphone with no social networking features to help you get rid of this addiction.


Rajesh Jat
"Be Human, Love Nature" I am a SEO Professional from India.

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