Find the right profile for an MBA from a business school

Even a few years ago, Kolkata was known as a dying city because there weren’t many opportunities to get there. Though times have changed and the city has recently seen the growth of many large MBA institutes that offer gala dinners for students. So if you are a student from Kolkata wanting to do an MBA at top B-schools in Kolkata then you are on the right track. First and foremost, you need to decide if you have the right profile to apply to a good business school.

So how does a student from Kolkata interested in getting into a top B school decide if he or she is a good fit for that school? First, you need to know about the average profile of your seniors. It will really tell you where you stand. Written test scores are important. But if your score is low, you shouldn’t be disappointed. Scores are important, but they’re not the only determining factor.

However, if you have a good CAT, you can easily get into any school of your choice. If grades are not satisfactory, 5 years of work experience will be an added advantage. If you can speak more than 2 languages, you have a good chance of getting admission. It has been found that many students feel quite comfortable speaking almost 3 languages. There are a number of schools that value different experiences. They prefer a diversity of educational backgrounds, which means they are more willing to hire others than those with management or economic backgrounds.

A diverse class can always work for you. You will have something to learn from everyone. If all students had the same profile, the class would be very boring and there would probably be nothing to share except class notes. Think about ways you can contribute to the formation of the class. There is no age limit on when you can get an MBA. More important is your purpose and what you plan for your future. Think about your goals and career goals. Do you think it would be better to have a Ph.D. than an MBA?

You should understand that in most business top B schools in Kolkata, the average age of admission is 23-25. There are a number of MBA students who earn a master’s degree in any subject before entering the MBA program; however, it is not known at this time what they will do after leaving the post. However, it cannot be denied that most schools today prefer students with 3 to 4 years of working experience. If you don’t spend enough time in real-world business, you’ll never be able to contribute much to an MBA class at a school. Your experience counts and you need something to contribute to the class. Professors appreciate that you can analyze a situation based on your experiences in the real world.

If you think you’re old enough for an MBA, you can always take an executive development program or a specialty program of your choice. The selection criteria will be different and the profile will change completely. You will have a number of additional benefits with a part-time MBA program. You can continue your work while you add some value to your resume. At the end of the course, you will find that you are better equipped to deal with any problem in real life!

Briefly remember that the MBA exam is a quick way to add a breakthrough to your career. So this is where you have to get it. Be confident as you pursue that fascinating MBA degree and improve your positive aspects.

Murtuza Rohawala holds an MBA from NMIMS and is a former investment banker. He is currently affiliated with the Bengal Institute of Business Studies, one of the top B schools in Kolkata. Be a successful professional specializing in MBA subjects and other subjects relevant to choosing an MBA course in Calcutta. Murtuza aspires to help students who want to make their mark in the world of successful professionals.

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