What are Emulators and How does Emulators Work?

Emulators Wiki - How does Emulators work

You might have used any emulator like Bluestacks to run android applications on the PC. You needn’t to do any special activity to use an emulator. Just launch emulator on your pc and start using it.

However, I wonder how does emulators work? Is there any special mechanism behind it? Why emulators work slow compare to actual system?

All questions will be answered below, so keep reading. But before getting into the details, read here the ios emulator for pc. If you haven’t used any emulator on your pc, then just pick one or more to run any ios app on windows. You will wonder to see that an ios app can also run on windows pc.

Differenence between Real system and Emulator?

There is a major difference between a real system and emulator. A real system has its own physical existence. On the other hand, an emulator only acts as a real system. It doesn’t have its own physical existence. It’s just a software program which runs on different system to provide a compatible environment.

For example: An ios device has its own separate specification and its own mechanism to process tasks which a windows or any other operating system can’t understand.

In this case, emulators are used. They enable a system to run different system applications on it. The processing speed of emulators are slow than the real system because the real system that has to be run on the emulator and the host system on which emulator is running both have different physical specification. Emulator works as a translator in between these two environments. Due to different instructions sets of both real and host system, you face speed issue while using emulators.

How does Emulators work?

We already talked about the translation work of emulator in this post. An emulator has to do lots of work to run a different OS app. Like if you want to run an ios app on your windows pc, then you would need an emulator for it.

In technical terms, emulator is a software/tool that acts as device. It fulfills all the hardware requirements which are needed to run an app on different OS environment. It holds all the abilities of a real hardware system.

The development of an emulator is very difficult because the inclusion of the real hardware system’s abilities into a software is pretty much harder. This is the reason, you won’t find any emulator for modern system like Xbox. Their system’s complexity is the reason behind it.

Best Emulators for iOS

Final Words :

This was a wiki guide about the emulators. They have really benefited the technology. Without buying a piece of hardware, we can experience it with emulator. Like an ios compatible game can be played over windows platform by using en ios emulator. If you want to know more about emulator, then you should read this.


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