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{Download} LIKE App by Bigo Technologies – Magic Music Video Editor

BIGO Technologies is a well-known company for developing android applications and recently they have launched a brand-new application known as LIKE APP. What you can do with this Application? How it is useful to us? I have answer to your questions. People specially youngsters are crazy for taking selfies or videos of every memories they create. But to add more beauty effects in it, they search for some kind of applications which can add more modes in their picture to make it more beautiful.Now, you can have a clear idea why Like App is needed.

LIKE APP Download
LIKE APP Download

Download LIKE App Apk file for Android

One of the unique feature available in LIKE app by BIGO Technologies is if you want to make a video having music with your pictures you can easily do it. After creating such videos, you can share it with anyone you want. There are number of mixed magic and various effects available in LIKE VIDEO EDITOR which you can use.

Not only for keeping in gallery, you can share it on your social media accounts that is Instagram, Facebook and other. So, if you are finding a new magic video editor then you must Download LIKE Magic Music Video Editor.

You can Install LIKE APK for Android easily from Google Play Store and not only in English, it is available in 23 multiple languages as this application is downloaded by millions of uses worldwide so the developers have taken a good care for it. Any user can use this application easily.

Features of LIKE APP Apk

Let us look at some of the BEST FEATURES OF LIKE APK. What it has for the users and how it is possible to add effects in our music video.

3D magic effects:

  • Have you ever used this kind of effect in any of beauty effect applications? No? But now you can apply a 3D magic effect by using the LIKE APK. There are 12 different kind of 3D Magic effects available in the application, you can apply any effect as per your choice. Name of some modes which you can apply is Rocket, Fly, Minify, Zoom and more.

Marvelous videos with magic effects:

  • If you want to add some new effects in the existing videos, then also you can do it. How? You can apply effects like Laser Eye, Ice Butterfly and more.

Coolest mixed special effects:

  • Transform your daily moments and add new moments by applying Dazzled and 2 mirror feature in your videos by using LIKE APP.

Superior beauty effects:

  • Add beauty Effects in your videos.

like app for android
like app for android

download LIKE app by Bigo technologies
download LIKE app by Bigo technologies


It is an amazing application which you can use so, stop wasting your time and Download LIKE APP as soon as possible.

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