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Desktop vs Laptop – Find our which is Best for You

Do you want a new computer? Are you in a confusion to choose between desktop and laptop? Then you are at the right place. Read on to find out the solution.

It is very difficult to choose. Pretty difficult. Mainly because we can get same specs with both the products. We all know which one was the first to be invented. Yep, desktop computer is elder than laptop.

Here, I am going to compare laptop and desktop on the basis of some criteria. This will be helpful for you to choose one which suits you the best.

Actually, I was not aware that desktop vs laptop is a traditional query while preparing for this article. But yes, it is a popular and also not correctly solved question. Most of the articles compare laptop with desktop only on the basis of gaming performance.

Yet, I wrote this post considering all the aspect you may think.

Desktop vs. Laptop

This is an old discussion. People are facing confusion to choose between both of them right from the launch of the first laptop computer. Here, I considered some basic factors to help you with. Before going to the comparison, make sure that you took the following actions.

  1. Know your needs. You should know for what reason or purpose you are going to purchase a computer.
  2. Decide the budget. Budget plays a significant role. The price of a desktop and laptop with same specs are different.
  3. List down the config you want. You should have an idea of what configuration you want like processor, RAM, hard disk, the monitor size or the brand if you prefer any.


The first factor I am considering is the portability or mobility. Are you a person who regularly travels? Do you want to use the computer during your journeys? Then I would say, the laptop is the perfect choice for you. And don’t forget to purchase one with little weight.

What if you want the computer for office or home use? Yeah, definitely desktop must be your pick. The desktop is ideal for homes and offices. Especially, if you are an IT, worker. It is not at all a fault to purchase a desktop for your office or home and buy a laptop for your uses while you are traveling.

So, the laptop wins here considering the portability it offers.


Do you have a habit of watching videos and movies on your computer? What is the ideal monitor size according to you?

If you are an avid movie fan, your typical monitor size will be more than 21 inches. Can you recommend a laptop with that much monitor size? Laptops are meant to facilitate the portability and comfort to carry. How can anyone bring a laptop with 21 inches monitor easily?

That would be a dreadful experience. Hence, don’t purchase a laptop if you prefer a large screen. Movies and games become a complete visual treat when they are played on desktop computers.

If your ideal screen size is 15.5 inches, don’t hesitate to purchase a laptop right away.



Are you a music lover? Do you have a habit of downloading music and listening to it? Then, sound is a crucial factor to consider while buying a computer.

If you don’t prefer an external speaker, go with laptop because it has an inbuilt speaker. Sadly, no ordinary desktop computer comes with built- in speaker.

Without an external speaker, you are sacrificing the magic of music, I must say. Having a 5.1 or above- configured speaker is a must for any music lover. Songs are recorded with certain nuances in pitch, balance, and tempo. It is not clearly audible if you use built- in speakers only.

So, purchase either desktop or laptop. With a terrific speaker, you can experience enchanting sound.

Physical Feedback

Tactic feedback is more in desktop computers. You might have noticed that the design of the laptop is very delicate. It is not meant for rough usage. Tapping vigorously on laptop keys and touchpad will inevitably end in damaging it.

Are you a crazy gamer who loves to have physical feedback from your computer? Then, don’t ever look at laptop computers. The desktop will be the ideal buy for you. There are specialized gaming keyboards available. It can be used with laptops also. But in my point of view, desktops are the best for gamers.


Central Processing Unit aka CPU is the brain of any computer. There are mainly two processor manufacturers, Intel, and AMD. Both of them are available for laptops as well as desktops. So, you won’t face any recognizable performance difference between a laptop and a desktop with same hardware configuration.

GPU or Graphical Processing Unit is the brain of graphics in a computer. Here also, same types of GPUs are available for both laptops and desktops

Desktops have more space to occupy the hardware parts inside it. So it will not become overheated quickly. But we can get rid of this issue simply by the use of a cooling pad.

Storage and RAM

You can’t find much difference here also. If the desktop is your choice, there will be no worries in storage and RAM as well. But because of the hardware components of laptops are small in size, you can’t find high powered ones with low cost. It is the same case of RAMs also.

So, there will be no issues if money is not your problem. For higher storage and larger memory (RAM), you will need more bucks.

Check this video from Chris Pirillo for more details.

Have You Got an Answer for Desktop vs Laptop?

I have explained every common aspect one thinks about while purchasing a computer. According to your needs, you might have already chosen one, right?

There are some downsides for each device also like desktop can’t be used without electricity and laptop can’t offer the real visual experience of a game or a film.

That’s all I have to say now. If you want any additional info, feel free to drop a comment. Share this with your friends and colleagues.


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