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Contabo Web Hosting Review : Everything You need to Know

Contabo is a German web Hosting business created in 2003 under the name Giga International.

In 2013, the founders decided to rebrand the company with the commercial name of Contabo .

After being organized in the initial years of this 20 century.

They have begun implementing their aids to local companies in Munich and started increasing step by step.

Their costs are extremely supportive, matched to separate hosting and virtual private servers providers.

Handling a contabo is an essential step to afford a crucial quality hosting to your use. Whether it is a website or an application, you want to make certain that you produce great quality performance.

Reasons to choose Contabo

Aimed at private users and companies, it offers the opportunity for everyone to find the web hosting they require.

After trying many providers, Contabo is the best in terms of quality/price/performance ratio.

For more than 1 year now with them. I have no complaints at all! Server at the top ! Technical support at the appointment ! and everything seems perfect .

Support and customer service

Contabo provides telephone support from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm, 365 days a year.

It also offers e-mail support, although the time frame for answering and response is not particular.

Contabo Shared Hostings Plans

Contabo has thinked of small budget owners as of the high budgets , therefore it has provided 4 different Packages to suit every different user such as  :

+ M Package   : 50 GB of Free Space – 20 MySQL Databases – 1000 Different Email Addresses – Price : 3.99$ / Month
+ L Package   : 100 GB of Free Space – 50 MySQL Databases – 2000 Email Addresses – Price : 6.99$ / Month
+ XL Package  : 250 G of Free Space – 100 MySQL Databases – 5000 Different Email Addresses – Price : 10.99$ / Month
+ XXL Package : 500 G of Free Space – Unlimited MySQL Databases – Unlimited Different Email Addresses – Price : 12.99$ / Month

Contabo Vps Plans

As for the Vps Plans , Contabo is providing very interesting prices that are very cheap compared to other Vps plans provided from other Hosting providers .

+ S VPS  : 8 GB RAM – 200 GB SSD – 6.99$ / Month
+ M VPS  : 16 GB RAM – 400 GB SSD – 11.99$ / Month
+ L VPS  : 30 GB RAM – 800 GB SSD – 14.99$ / Month
+ XL VPS : 60 GB RAM – 1.6 TB SSD – 34.99$ / Month

Contabo Dedicated Servers Plans

+ intel 10 Core : Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 – 1 Gbit/s Port – 32 TB Traffic – Price : 169.99$ / Month
+ Intel Dual 10 Core : 2 * Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 – 1 Gbit/s Port – 32 TB Traffic – 199.99$ / Month
+ AMD EPYC 16 Cores  : AMD Epyc 7282 – 1 Gbit/s Port – 32 TB Traffic – 229.99$ / Month
+ AMD EPYC 32 Cores  : 2 * AMD Epyc 7282 – 1 Gbit/s Port – 32 TB Traffic – 299.99$ / Month

Is Contabo Worth it ?

Contabo’s vps are the cheapest that provide very good Performances compared to other hostings , besides that the support is cooperative and willing to assist you to issue your problems .

So out answer would be Yes ,  Contabo is definitely worth it especially when it comes to the vps plans .


Contabo is one of the best providers over the world , the performance of the servers is very good and the prices are low , everything is encouraging to host your websites , application or saas .
Having a good host like contabo can help your site or application be better and fester, affecting your rankings and making them go up .
Using a fast responding server will surely benefit your project and is deffinetly worth it .

Rajesh Jat
"Be Human, Love Nature" I am a SEO Professional from India.

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