Choosing Data Science as a Career: Understanding the Why

Data science has taken the world by storm. A term used alternatively for computer science, data science can be traced back to 1974. Ever since there has been an upward growth in the field.

Today, almost all industries use data science. It has become integral to businesses. And this demand can be captured through the growing demand for data science jobs. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2026, the number of data science jobs will be close to 11.5 million. That is a projected increase of 27.9% compared to the requirement today.

So, there is no doubt that data science is in demand. Consequently, the need for individuals with compelling data science skills has also increased.

Characterized as the “highest paying job of the 21st century”, there is much to the facade of data science than what appears. Why is there such a sudden uproar? Why are so many individuals with no background in the field opting for a career in data science? Why is there a sudden increase in data science online courses in India and worldwide?

We aim to answer all these questions in this blog. Keep reading to find out more.

What is Data Science?

Data is an essential asset for companies but only when used with purpose. Collecting unstructured data and giving it meaning is what falls under the purview of data science. To put it simply, it is the scientific process or method of extracting data to find actionable insights.

While there are various data science implementations, companies mostly use data science to analyze trends that help make informed decisions. Data science can also be used to improve customer engagement or business revenue.

Now, let us discuss why so many individuals choose data science as their career?

Why Choose Data Science as a Career?

a. Data Science offers a handsome salary

With the number of data science jobs expanding, the demand for skillful individuals has also increased. But there is a substantial shortage of such people. As a result, the existing people in the data science field get paid a lot.

A data scientist’s national annual average salary is ₹10,00,000 in India. The compensation can start from ₹4,50,000 per annum for entry-level data scientists. For individuals with more than eight years of experience, the salary can start from ₹25,00,000 per annum.

Data scientists also get pay hikes that are 50% more than other IT professions.

Therefore, with such a high pay, many enthusiasts are shifting professions. This also led to increased enrolment in data science online courses in India.

b. There is a growing demand

As we mentioned earlier, the number of data science jobs is projected to increase to 11.5 million by 2026. Businesses now understand the importance of data science and want highly skilled professionals to take the responsibility.

Therefore, there is a massive demand for data scientists.

c. Securing jobs is easy

Due to the massive gap between the demand and supply of data scientists, securing a job is easier than in other professions in the same field.

Also, regardless of your background and experience, you can become a data scientist. If you want to get started, enroll in data science online courses in India. Such courses will help you gain the basic knowledge required while familiarizing you with the tools and techniques.

If you have the right skills to flaunt and have attended data science online courses in India, securing a job is very easy.

d. You can work in any industry of your choice

This is another reason for choosing data science as a career. All industries use data science. From healthcare to eCommerce, marketing to financial services, everyone uses data science.

After completing data science online courses in India, you can pick the industry of choice. This opens up a wide avenue of opportunities for all aspiring data scientists.

e. Data scientists are highly regarded

The number of companies depending on data scientists to help them make more informed decisions has increased significantly over the last decade.

Data scientists play a crucial role in the entire decision-making process. Therefore, data scientists are highly regarded. It is a prestigious position, and data scientists are considered integral to organizations.

So, when working as a data scientist, you will be revered by your colleagues and your company.

f. Data Science is Interesting

Data science as a field combines separate disciplines. This includes statistics, mathematics, and computer programming. You need to learn new skills and challenge yourself to grow continuously.

While you may use a similar model to derive results, each data set is unique and has its challenges. You need to understand these massive volumes of data to ensure that the result is accurate.

So, data science is anything but monotonous. It will challenge you every day to learn something new.

The tools and techniques used are also dynamic and keep getting updated. So even if you learned a lot during data science online courses in India, you would have to keep your mind open.

To Conclude

Data science is evolving. It is helping businesses become better in their decision-making process. The vast opportunities available in data science stand testimony to the fact that it is growing.

Opting for a career in data science is advantageous. With so much demand and little supply, this is the right moment for you. Enroll yourself in one of India’s leading data science online courses from AnalytixLabs and start your career today. You can opt for a free demo class to learn more about the curriculum.

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