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How to Change a Scroll Saw Blade – Step by Step Guide

Installing or replacing the blade in the saws could become a bit of the extensive work, if you don’t know the drill. Therefore, knowing your saw and learning changing scroll saw blades by itself is a skill which every scroller must obtain. 

Thus, without any further due, let us dive into the topic and learn how to change scroll saw blades?

How To Install A Blade On A Scroll Saw: A Step-By-Step Guide:

The very first step in order to change the blades of the scroll saw is to thoroughly go through the user manual of the scroll saw provided by the manufacturer. As such, it will make you job changing experience of the blade quite easy. 

That being said, let us first understand some of the basic terminologies of the scroll saw. The following is the description of some of the parts and terminology of the scroll saw. 

1.Upper arm:

The upper arm is the topmost portion of the scroll saw that is attached with the upper blade at the forward end of the arm. Other major work that upper arm does that it supports the blade guard attachment in order to keep the user safe. Accessories like sawdust blower or work light can also be attached on the upper arm easily. 

2. Lower arm:

As the name suggests, the lower arm is located beneath the worktable. The main objective of the lower arm is to drive the saw which is attached with the motor in order to reciprocate the blade in upward or downward direction. 

In the fore end section of the lower arm, the lower blade mount is also located. 

3. Tensioning device:

A tensioning device is one of the crucial part of the scroll saw, as such it would create a required amount of tension on the blade between the upper arm and the lower arm. 

If in case, the amount of tension on the blade is not as per the requirement then the blade would wander, vibrate or would even break sooner. 

4. Styles of blades:

The blades of the scroll saw are majorly categorized in two types, the first one is pinned while the other one is painless. 

The pinned blades have a small circular pin that is fitted in the crossways with the help of the top portion of the blade at the right angle in order to cut the material. While on the other hand, the painless blades have a smooth end which helps them to slip into the blade clamps. 

The blade clamps can be tightened with the help of the wrench or the thumbscrews. 

Nevertheless, installing the scroll saw blade is majorly dependent on the type of the blade that is used in the sawing process. The blades are generally made as per the saw, therefore understanding the basic method of installing scroll blades is necessary. 

The basic method of replacing the old scroll saw blade with the new one is as follow:

  • First and foremost, unplug the saw
  • Release the blade tension 
  • Loosen the mounts in order to remove the blade
  • Detach the old and used blade
  • After that replace the old blade with the new blade
  • Tighten the blade mounts or if necessary, replace the mounts
  • Create a tension on the blade as required
  • Plugin the ready saw for a test cut
  • The process may vary as per the design of the manufacturer, but the basic steps are just like the step provided above

Above given steps is the ideal answer for all the questions like how to install pin end scroll saw blades? how to install scroll saw blades? or how to install spiral scroll saw blades? Few some of the steps may vary as per the design of the scroll saw but the basic core steps will be the same. 


To sum up, it is very important to know the blade used on the scroll saw to achieve a easy and enjoyable job without even breaking the blades that will surely put a halt on your nearly finished project. 

Thus, always pay attention on the quality and fitting of the blade to make your day to day job easy and hassle free. 

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