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Can you take antibiotics while breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding moms often get sick due to bacterial infections, and it’s pretty difficult to fight infections with breastfeeding, insufficient sleep, uterine contraction, etc. And now your immune system is also vulnerable. Certainly, you want relief from ailments and restore your energy potential, to look after the infant more easily. Now you’re conflicted or confused about whether I can take antibiotics or not. This article may vanish all your doubts regarding antibiotics.


Antibiotics are antimicrobial drugs designed to inhibit bacterial growth within the body. Remember, these are prescribed for bacterial infection, not viruses or fungi. Antibiotics are available in tablet form; some can be applied directly to the skin like; creams or drops.

When you take antibiotics, they go to the targeted areas and kill the bacteria. It may be the best bet to allow your body to fight against bacteria on its own and strengthen your immune system. If you can’t wait, use antibiotics to get relief and do not permit the disease to become severe. Usually, you can use all types of antibiotics while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding you are not allowed to use certain antibiotics.

Another important supplement for women which is widely popular is L-methylfolate. If a female has the correct dosage of methylfolate during pregnancy then they usually have nothing to worry about, however what if they don’t. More importantly, how can you tell if you are not getting enough methylfolate.  As with everything else there are certain symptoms of L-methylfolate deficiency that a female can recognize. These symptoms can help you by giving tell-tale signs of methylfolate deficiency.

Are antibiotics a safe option while breastfeeding?

Not all, but some types of antibiotics are considered safe for breastfeeding moms. Antibiotics enter your bloodstream and become the ingredient of breast milk and reach the baby, but some can cause serious health issues. When your baby is exposed to these certain medications via breastmilk it can affect;

  • Baby bone growth
  • Baby teeth development
  • Severe Jaundice

If your doctor prescribes antibiotics inform him that you’re a nursing woman and confirm whether this medication is safe for your baby or not. You can take penicillium and erythromycin to stop bacterial growth, recognized as safe antibiotics.

If you are experiencing severe health infections such as mastitis that can be treated with unsafe antibiotics.  Then you have to analyze if the effects of taking the drugs are more than the effects of not taking them. In addition to these, you need some safety precautions.

What are the effects of taking antibiotics while breastfeeding?

The unwanted effects of taking antibiotics can be minimized by consulting the doctor and ensuring that the prescribed medication is safe for your baby. Your baby receives antibiotics via breast milk and may experience the following side effects such as;


The way antibiotics work is by killing the bacteria; they do not recognize which types of bacteria are good and bad. They destroy all the bacteria that come their way. They also kill the good bacteria or bugs that are crucial for a healthy digestive system.

The unavailability of good bacteria leads to diarrhea and other stomach problems. Don’t stop feeding your baby because this condition is temporary. You need to eat yogurt and take probiotics enriched with good microorganisms that may help to build up bacterial stomach levels and treat diarrhea.


Antibiotics are the main culprit of killing good bacteria that bacteria fight and kill the other microorganisms like; fungi. Thus, you and your baby may develop Thrush—fungal infection caused by Candida Albicans (fungal yeast).

Your baby may get stomach disturbance, rashes, and a white coating on the baby’s tongue and mouth, while; you may feel nipple pain (engorgement). Avoid medical treatment, and take probiotics that optimize your bacterial gut.


Antibiotics are usually taken to cure bacterial infections. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding a woman, you can’t take all types of antibiotics—passes to your baby through breast milk, and some cause severe effects on your baby. If there’s no way except antibiotics, disclose you’re breastfeeding mom in front of your health care provider.  



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