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Download and Install Brother iPrint&Scan Android Application – Guide

The Printers are smarter just like any other electronic equipment. The wireless connectivity is the best addition to the printers and scanners that you should use over the traditional wired method. Almost all of the new Brother Printers and scanners are equipped with the Wireless connectivity option. The Wireless connectivity allows the people to Print and scan document wirelessly from their computer or even the smartphone.

The Brother iPrint&Scan Android application allows the brother printer users to print and scan the documents wirelessly. The documents stored in the smartphone can be sent to the printer over the wireless network, and the printer will automatically print the same for you. In this post, we will discuss Brother iPrint&Scan APK for Android smartphones.

Also learn How to install Brother printer on your own by following simple steps given on our website.

Download Brother Printer Mobile App for Android

The Brother Printer application for wireless scanning and printing the documents comes handy. There is no need to start the computer and then send the document for printing. Instead, you can send the material from the smartphone to the printer and receive the scanned copies on your smartphone. Not just the scanning and printing, the brother iPrint&Scan Android application comes with tons of features. Here are some interesting features you should know about before proceeding to the downloading the Brother iPrint&Scan APK.

Latest Brother iPrint and Scan Features

  • Wireless Printing – The app support wireless printing. You have to connect to the same wireless network your printer is connected to and send the photos, documents and the emails to the printer.
  • Receive Scanned Copies – With this app, you can receive the soft copy of the documents you are scanning. You can directly download the scanned copies and save them in the  PNG or JPEG format in your smartphone.
  • NFC Support – Instead of using the Wi-Fi network, you can make use of the NFC network for wirelessly printing the documents. Just open the app and tap on the NFC patch on your printer to start the printing.
  • Email – You can print the emails and also, directly send the received soft copies from a scanner via the email. This feature works only if you have a third-party email application running on the smartphone.
  • Machine Status – With this app, you can manage the troubleshooting and maintenance. The app shows you the Toner and printer status, printing queue and other technical details of the printer. In the case of overload, you can quickly reduce the printing queue as the preventive major.

How to Download and install iPrint&Scan App on Android?

Instead of using the manual APK installation, you have to opt for the  Play Store installation method. As the official version of this app is available on the Google Play Store, there is no need to download the Brother iPrint and Scan apk from the third-party sites. All you have to do is to open the Google Play Store, Search for the Brother Printer app and tap on the “Install” button to start the download and installation process. That’s all you have to do, and there is nothing more. After installation, open the app and connect to the nearby printer for start printing and scanning the documents and photos.

Final Words

The Brother provides fantastic support for all of their devices. The printers and scanners with the access to Brother iPrint&Scan android app make it easier for everyone to use the devices more efficiently. There is no chance of you facing any difficulties in installing the iPrint app on your smartphone. Even if you do so, then the better option is to pick up your smartphone and dial the Brother Printer Support phone number and ask for technical assistance.


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