10 Best Weed Smoking Accessories: Bongs & Pipes

Are you looking for stuff to organize your weed smoking time? Do you need accessories to enhance your weed quality? Well, we have a complete list of the top, and best weed smoking accessories for you weed connoisseurs right here. 

Amateur smokers will be satisfied with a simple pipe-smoking or rolling joint. But savvy stoners know how to make the most of this minute ecstasy of weed smoking. 

For a fact, there is no perfect way to enjoy weed smoking. But, there are ways and accessories to enhance that pleasure of smoking. You can buy a single smoking accessory or a lot of them in one go to find your best fit. Whatever smoking accessories you use, you will find that your spontaneous weed smoking session has improved. 

Smoking accessories do not always have to be like those shown in the movies. Rather than getting a complex and intricate design item, buying the right product that suits you is the best. Designs and prices are not that prominent if the products function well as they should be. 

Now for a fun fact, smoking nowadays is not like in the old times. Smoking accessories have also been upgraded in both quality and functions. 

Therefore, give your weed smoking sesh a new enhancement by using the essential smoking accessories. You can get them online or offline. So, have a look at the best ten items right below. 

Ten best weed smoking accessories:  

Rolling Papers 

Instead, would you use the best quality rolling or wood papers to prepare your weeds? Hemp rolling papers are the best option that you get to roll joints. They may be thin, but frequent usage is no challenging task to master. For a better roll, use the one that is smooth and round. 

Hemp rolling papers are known to be more sustainable to use. They contain minimum fibrous flavor or scent. 


We cannot forget the most crucial smoking element, right! What can a smoker do when he goes on a weed-smoking sesh and finds his lighter missing! Frequent weed smokers should always carry a stylish portable lighter with them. 

Lighters are available in many designs, materials, and shapes. While the cheap plastic ones are easy to find, you better spend your money on high-quality lighters that last long. If you prefer, you can even get a customized lighter. 

Find a reliable customized lighter supplier online and get it as a wholesale smoking accessory

Smell diffuser or Odour eliminator 

Weed, cannabis, or any other smoking substance has some smell. Since people usually smoke discreetly, getting rid of the smell is essential. But, the scent of weed smoking is hard to eliminate in one go. That is why there are now essential oils, post-smoke sprays, etc., to diffuse the smoking odor almost instantly. 

Odor-proof pouch or joint case. 

You cannot always run home to have your weed smoking session. If you are going on a long trip, you must carry your smoking items along, right! But how will you take it around if the weed exceeds odor? 

Fortunately, you can now use odor-proof pouches or joint cases to put your weed and other stuff in. These bags or pouches are specially made to carry smoking substances discreetly and safely. They are super handy, portable, and multipurpose. 

Dab Rig 

Dab Rigs are evolving. While it is a vaporizer used in smoking, it is a particular type of concentrated water pipe or bong. You will get a dense hit while smoking weed using dab rigs. They are usually made of glass. 

Dab rigs are for those savvy weed smokers who enjoy hitting on concentrated doses. You have multiple options when it comes to dab rigs. There are shatter, buder, oil, and wax. All of these have different levels of smoking hits. 

Rolling tray 

Rolling trays can be very creative and traditional as well. A rolling tray helps prevent spillage when you roll joints or weeds. It makes rolling more straightforward and quicker. 

Grinders or Shredders

Grinders may not be the ultimate weed-smoking accessory. But, if you want a smooth smoking pleasure, you must get one. The one thing you must remember when buying grinders is the quality. Since it is a grinder and will be put to aggressive usage, it ought to be of super high quality and material. 

Poorly made grinders will get stuck with the substances only after two rounds. So, get the one sturdy and finely crushed weeds that just fall out smoothly from the container. 


Using an ashtray to dispose of the leftovers is suitable for smoking. Contemporary ashtrays now have competitive price tags even though their usage is minimal. If you love smoking at home rather than outside, an intricate design will also serve as decor. 


A water pipe is typically known as a bong. It is the one smoking accessory that every avid stoner must possess. It is a filtration tool that gives the user a strong, clean, and smooth hit. You can get bongs in different shapes and sizes, designs, materials, etc. 


One-hitter will always be iconic out of all the weed-smoking accessories. It is an almost unbreakable, quick, and accessible tool. It is the favorite smoking accessory of outside smokers and those who love doing strenuous activities. 

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