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The room management software is an automated tool that is used for different kinds of needs such as scheduling rooms, booking meeting rooms, hotel rooms, co-working spaces, and other kinds of needs. There is certain software that will manage the information which is sent by the commands and also it will allow operating many functions.

As technology grows, even the demand is increasing a lot. That is why these kinds of room management software are recommended not only for hotel business but all kinds of business. So, here we have recommended some room management software that suits all your needs. 

6 best room management software:

  1. HotelFriend

This room management software is especially for the hotel to check the capacity and availability of rooms. HotelFriend is considered one of the best software as it has access to all data regarding the rooms, accommodation facilities, and other highlighting features of the hotel.

It will mention all kinds of details to the customers such as hotel capacity and rate, room statuses, a room that are out of order and other up-to-date information. It will offer a clear view of the hotel’s capacity in a single place. This is not free software but it offers a 30-day trial period. 

  1. Skedda

Skedda offers the smartest way of managing your meeting room and it will eliminate all the hassles which are encountered manually during the scheduling and booking of the rooms. With this software, you can book all kinds of meeting rooms, conference rooms, and other collaborative office spaces. 

If you are looking for a leading room to manage meeting rooms then Skedda is the most preferred one. This software is mobile-friendly, and it is easy and simple to access. It helps to untangle the space usage and reduce administration work. You can use this software for free up to 5 spaces and for additional space; you need to go for the premium option.  

  1. Roomzilla

Roomzilla is cloud-based room reservation software and this is mainly used to increase the efficiency of rooms. This is seamless software as it supports any kind of device and also it can be integrated with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. It offers tools that will provide real-time access to reservation and room availability information.

This software is not only to manage rooms for offices but here you can manage rooms for classrooms, venues, halls, and laboratories. It offers a free-trial period for 14 days and the additional room features are available in the pro version. 

  1. Robin

Robin is a conference room booking software and it can be used for individual flexible desks. This room management software is considered the industry-leading flexible workspace platform and it helps to connect people with desks, rooms, and each other. 

This is considered safe and secured software as it is integrated with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and other tools. You can mention your needs in the software before you arrive, and it will make sure to coordinate and collaborate with the team. The basic plan of this software starts at $1,500 per year. 

  1. EuroICC

EuroICC is the best guest room management software and it offers flexible solutions for clients to choose the hotel of their needs and sizes. It offers all kinds of stays from small inns to luxurious hotels. 

Some of the best features of this software are energy saving by reducing one of the hotel’s major operational costs, offering a high-level comfort to the guest with easy access and control, and offering high safety. The software helps in room monitoring, room management, and staff management. This software is offering all kinds of features for free. 

  1. Meetio

Meetio is smart and simple room management software and it helps in booking and managing meeting rooms without any hassle. It will make sure to provide the client’s needs whether they need a room display, overview screen, mobile scheduling app, or a combination of them.

This software will ensure make your workspace looks smarter and work smoother. Here, you can book the room with a single click, the business can concentrate on meeting instead of spending time on finding a room, and it understands your needs on how you need the room. The software is available for free. 


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