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Music Players for The Android Phone To Enjoy Ultimate Music

Music makes our day and nearly everyone love to listen them. We have passed through the gramophone, tape recorder, CD players, and walkman. Now it is the time of the mobile. Every one depends on the mobile phone to listen to songs and enjoy the time.

Getting the music on your palm is now easy. Just transfer it to your smart phone with few apps. Even listening to them is also easier.

And android is having the best ever music player- Google Music Play. It is something which can help you to have the local music and even the music after streaming. Well, it’s an ultimate option that can make you a real music lover.

But is this the only option for your music passion. That’s a big NO.

The flexibility of android in supporting other application has allowed many to be useful. Here is a list of such music players that can flaunt you.

9 Best Music Player for Android Users to Try

  • Google play music

Well, why to ignore the one which is default in our phone. Better not to.

It is also an ultimate option of the music player. Do you know that this default music player can help you upload up to 50,000 songs? You can transfer it form iTunes or the programs where the music is being stored.

And on subscription you can help in getting the entire catalogue of the music player. Also you will get the YouTube red one free. Now you have the opportunity to watch all the videos without any annoying ads.

So let’s ignore it and discover the new features of the music player.

  • Apple music

It’s the rival brand for the Google music player. Yet being a rival, android can support the Apple music player conveniently. Its streaming service is quite impressive. Along with this, the access to nearly 30 million songs with the catalogue or the Apple music is appealing. Not only for the iOS now, it is all for the android too.

If you want to take it free you will get it for the three months. After that, subscribe with the Apple music with just $9.99/ month.

Let’s have an experience about the Apple music in your android phone at least once. We bet you will fall in love with it.

  • Poweramp

Get it for first 15 days for free and you will surely subscribe for it. The subscription fee is just $3.99 per month and its cheap. Though you can get it for free with the help of Lucky Patcher app.

Well why it’s cheap? With just this few bucks you can get this music player full of exciting features that would make your android phone interesting. It is having huge variety of Audio format, graphic equalizer, support.cue files, library searching high speed and lots of playlists format. You have to have it to discover all of them.

It is a best option if you are into the hard search of a nice music player for your phone.

  • Black player

Easily available on the Google play store, this music player is again another good choice. Features like the equalizer, widgets, scroblling, tag editor, and huge variety of format supportive feature has made it a good one. The best part of this music player is that you will not get any ads for it.

Well you can get the free version, but to get the features all in one get the paid version. it is just as cheap as the $3.99.

  • JetAudio HD

Yeah, I know many of you know about it. It has been a long time that you are using it. This application for music is simple to use with loads of useful features inside it.

Equalizer, effects on bass, tag editor, widgets and the MIDI Playback are some of the features to be mentioned here. Well it supports the searching of music while you are listening. So enjoy the time and search for some good ones.

You can get the free version. Well in the paid version you get nothing other than the ad free music. It is just $2.99 per month.

  • Media monkey

First thing that I should tell about it is its features. Music organization, sorting based on various categories, basic stuffs like the equalizer, widgets, podcasts and others. Another feature that needs to be mentioned is the syncing of the music from any other device like the computers or other phones.

The only thing is that you have to look at it twice to operate. But the user interface is simple and easy to use. You can have it for free or take the paid version with the $2.49 per month.

  • Musicolet

It’s free and easily available. The best thing is that you will not get any add while listening the music with this music player. It helps you to have access to the local music obviously but also helps in syncing and cloud streaming.

This application is having a multi queue manager which helps in storing multiple albums or the music playlists. Basic features like equalizer, tag editor, widgets are the compulsory ones.

Musicolet gives you only music and not style so there is less availability of customizable features.

  • Phonograph

It is the best sleek looking player that is suitable for the android. The user interface is having a classy look which is having all the basic features.  All the features are hidden behind the contextual menus.

Thus you can have a clean look of the application. It is better to have some extra tasp to get them rather than crowding at the same place.

Best part is that the application is totally free.

  • Rocket player

It is having both the free and the paid version. But you can get some of the good features in the free version only. Basic features are inbuilt in it and it is behind the only task of playing good music for you. Huge file format are supported hence you can choose nay song of your desire.

Best thing about this app is the syncing of the player which allows getting access to music on your computer or other phones.

So these options are the few among the many. Try them and let me know about the feedback. Hope you will enjoy them and find this article useful.

Rajesh Jat
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