Atlas AT-400 Rabbue Commercial Series Review

Micro-adjustable bases and a wired skeet release device are included in this set. There are wireless choices available on the accessories page. For commercial skeet-shooting venues, the AT-400 is built to withstand the rigors. The angle modifications can be dialed in with ease using the micro-adjust bases to meet skeet requirements.

According to Clay Pigeon Throwers “As a result of the AT-400’s unwavering precision, it’s a superb choice for competitive skeet use. The commercial-grade motor coupled with a steel gearbox powered by a 12-volt battery (110vac is also available) will give decades of dependable operation. The stainless steel top plate, drop plate, and target launch plate is all used on the AT-400 because of their high durability and resistance to corrosion.”

DuraClutch, electromechanical controls, and quick-change aircraft-grade aluminum throwing are all used in this system.

Its prominent features are:

  1. Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Powder-Coated Design
  2. Clutch made of durable material (Lifetime Warranty)
  3. Adjustable skeet bases with micro-adjustable skeet angles
  4. The aluminum throwing arm features a polyurethane throwing strip with an instant release mechanism.
  5. 3-button wired skeet release with center connection box included
  6. Switch to Turn On/Off/De-cock the Trap’s Firing Mechanism
  7. Manufacturer’s Warranty: 5 Years
  8. With a power converter, a 12-volt battery can power the device.
  9. Capacity: 400 shards.
  10. Faster than ever before
  12. Feed frozen, damp, or stuck clays with “true knives.” Adaptable to foreign or standard goals.
  13. Relocated to the rear of the machine, the new waterproof micro switch allows for quick release and easy adjustment.
  14. Without using any equipment, you may adjust the vertical and tilt angles using ratcheting levers. In a matter of seconds, you may alter the presentation and angle.
  15. A nylon roller with an oil-impregnated sleeve is now used in the advancing magazine system for maintenance-free operation.
  16. Two-bolt flange joints with grease zerks have been installed on the top plate of the magazine and the main shaft bearing, respectively.
  17. Water is kept out of the motor and gearbox by a stainless steel cover!
  18. Tilt angles have risen to 45 degrees or more! Targets will be thrown at steeper and lower angles by the new machine. Chandelle presentations can now be created by combining a steep side tilt with a steep vertical tilt.
  19. The new target finger technology traps the clay with five contact points before launch to ensure the most precise targets possible. Competitive skeets need this!
  20. Simple to set up and immediately functional. We opted for the wireless remote system to eliminate the need for cables. In addition, we offer 120v power converter kits. The swivel base is fantastic, and it’s one of my favorite features. The birds’ pitches can be precisely adjusted. This was a huge improvement over the Laporte system we had previously. Everyone at the plant went out of their way to assist us in any way possible.
  21. A new target capacity of 300 or 400 has been added. If you have a sporting clay course, 5-stand, or another application that calls for a demanding target presentation, the RTC is a must-have addition. This trap is one of the most adaptable in the world because it can launch rabbit, chandelle, 90° teal prey, and everything in between. To shoot rabbits, you don’t need to adjust to the target. Teal and chandelle’s presentations use common objectives. Target presentations can be thrown as curling targets with their tilting base, making it more difficult.
  22. The target speed and tilt angle can be altered in a matter of seconds. As an autonomous trap with a 400-target capacity, the RTC gives course designers unprecedented latitude thanks to its ability to hurl several presentations. The trap’s simplicity, longevity, and quality are its most notable attributes. Stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum components are used in this American-made equipment to enhance its quality.
  23. The RTC includes wireless controllers, a 2-wheel cart with foot release, a delay controller, and a solar-powered charging station. The DuraClutchTM and electrical components of the RTC are covered by the best warranty in the market, ensuring years of reliable service.

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