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Agrasen Jayanti 2017 Date,Importance, Wishes ,Images

India is well known for the festivals it celebrates and every festival in India is celebrated at high level. People get together and do the worship or god and goddess on proper time. Today we are going to discuss about Agrasen Jayanti in 2017 which is celebrated in India. Let us see why we celebrate Agrasen Jayanti and who he was.

Happy Agrasen Jayanti 2017
Happy Agrasen Jayanti 2017

Apart from Agrasen Jayanti there are multiple Jayanti celebrated in India like Gandhi Jayanti, Gurunanak Jayanti, Guru Govind Singh Jayanti, Swami Vivekanand Jayanti, Shivaji Jayanti and more.

►This year Agrasen Jayanti would be celebrated on 21 September

What is Agrasen Jayanti?

There are number of people whose Jayanti is celebrated in India and one of the Jayanti which our country celebrated in Agrasen Jayanti. Now, what is Agrasen Jayanti? Celebrated as the birth anniversary of Hindu King Agrasen Maharaj, he was the king of Agroha and because of him the two cast Agrawal and Agrahai came into existence.

The festival is celebrated in Uttar Pradesh and Agrasen Jayanti 2017 Date is 21st September. On this day schools and colleges in UP are closed.

How People Celebrate?

On the occasion of Agrasen Jayanti, the people who belong to Agrasena do the social welfare activities and they provide free medical check-ups, distribute foods to the needful and organize multiple cultural events.

The birth anniversary of the king Agrasen Maharaj is celebrated every year in the same manner.

Send Wishes and Images on Agrasen Jayanti 2017

You can find thousands of quotes, images and Agrasen Jayanti Wishes on multiple websites and you can send them to your friends, family members and loved ones in order to wish them and remind them that there was a king once who always helped their realm. Even if you want to keep your WhatsApp, messenger or Instagram stories, you can Download Agrasen Jayanti images and share it with your buddies and give respect to him.

You can send them as many wishes as possible, but for you I am mentioning below the Agrasen Jayanti Wishes.

  1. In order to live in heaven after death, we shall have to live in heaven after death.
  2. Agrasen was a legendary India King of Agroha, also known as trader’s city. Wish you Happy Agrasen Jayanti.
  3. May this Jayanti bring happiness into your life. Happy Agrasen Jayanti.

hindi Agrasen Jayanti wishes 2017
hindi Agrasen Jayanti wishes 2017

Agrasen Jayanti Wishes in hindi
Agrasen Jayanti Wishes in hindi

Agrasen Jayanti Wishes Images 2017
Agrasen Jayanti Wishes Images 2017

Agrasen Jayanti images 2017
Agrasen Jayanti images 2017


There are thousands of such messages available on many websites which you will find easily. Send wishes to all your friends, buddies and family members. Happy Agrasen Jayanti to all!




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