After Eating Stomach Pain – Reasons and Treatment

No one can stay alive without food. Despite the fact that food is necessary for energy and nourishment, occasionally we feel stomach pain after eating. There are some feasible causes for such type of pain. Eating too much is one main reason. At the time we eat not only to persuade our hunger but to satisfy the cravings we are more prone to overeat.

This general problem is normally accompanied by stomach spasms and abdominal pain. A few lesser situations can also straight result in pain in the abdomen. Severe problems could even be the reason of same kind of pain. Chronic mesenteric insufficiency and stomach cancer are such severe situations. These are situations which need urgent remedial attention.

Some Reasons of Stomach Pain

Food Poisoning

The problem of food poisoning is a normally reported reason of stomach pain. It is normally accompanied by a quick pain in the stomach area after eating a meal. The problem of food poisoning is caused by bacteria.

Food Intolerance

The main reason of pain in the abdomen is food intolerance. It is usually impulsive by different allergic reactions to some kinds of food. A general reaction of this kind is lactose intolerance. It is a situation where one feels stomach pain and stomach bloating after using dairy products.


Main symptom of appendicitis is a severe pain on the right hand side of the stomach. Some symptoms that can point out this situation contain mild fever, nausea and vomiting. In case you think you have the problem of appendicitis it is very important that you look urgent medical care.

Gall stones

Pain in stomach can even come because of the attendance of gall stones. In case you feel pain in the right hand side of the stomach, then you almost certainly have the problem of stones. Normally, the pain systemically spreads to the upper right back, chest and right side shoulder.


This situation is marked by harsh abdomen pain in the abdomen that arrives instantly after taking a heavy meal. The sting may even look after approx 6 to 12 hours later than eating your heavy meal. The problem takes place originally around the upper side of stomach area and progressively extends to the back and side area.

Pancreatitis can be recognized by immediate severe pain in abdominal later than taking a heavy meal. The problem can even arise in the time of six to twelve hours later than having a heavy meal.

Intestinal obstruction:

One indication of this situation is modest pain in the stomach after meals. This might be escorted by some vomit which reeks of stools. In addition symptoms contain passing watery stools or none totally.

Diverticulitis is formed by softness on your lower left side stomach. It is coupled by harsh cramps in the stomach. This situation can be mainly agonizing later than taking meals.


It is normal reason of stomach pain after meals. Quick heartburn release can be acknowledged from taking antacid tablets. Drinking milk can even give some release from the problem of heartburn.

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