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5 Tips to Improve Your Website’s SEO In Under An Hour

Creating a website is not difficult but what’s difficult is getting traffic on it. You need a good quantity of traffic to make your website popular and worthy.

But how you can get good traffic? The answer sounds very simple. All you need to do is have a good understanding of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which helps your website to rank toper on Google and other famous search engines like bing’s first page.

If your site doesnt have a good SEO there is no way you can rank higher organically on top of the page.

A good SEO is very improtant for any website. But it’s quite difficult and tricky for a website to maintain and improve its SEO this is the reason marketing agencies come to the rescue. If you want good SEO works make sure you contact a good marketing agency such as socialsnipper.com for marketing works.

But if you dont want any third person’s guide then you can also do it on your own. All you need to do is follow these written below tips. They will help you in improving your website’s SEO.

So without any further chit chat let’s get started,

Choose the right URLs:

Choosing and using the right URLs is very important for improving the SEO of your website. You should give your site a name before making it live. The address your visitors will type in to find your website is also known as your domain name.

You should therefore make sure the URLs of all your pages are beautiful and clean. You must not use special characters, hashbangs, or page IDs.

Selecting the right URLs is equally important for every page on your site. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a blog post or a product page, make sure you use the URL that reflects the content of the page.

Create unique titles and descriptions for each page:

Have you known that your website can have unique titles and descriptions? Titles and descriptions are short texts that describe your business in an accurate and concise manner. The best way to include a few keywords and phrases in them is to mix them in.

How often do you hover over tabs in your browser? Your mouse will show a short phrase under the title of the page. It is not observable on your page, but search engines find it very important. Search engines rank your site based on the title and description first.

Utilize anchor text:

The anchor text on a hyperlink is the text that visitors can click on in order to be taken to another web page. This web page can be your own web site’s web page or another website or anywhere on the internet.

Using effective anchor text on your website can assist users in navigating through your site and finding what they are peeking for. Make sure your anchor text contains related keywords and phrases.

Effective anchor text usage can play a great role in boosting your site’s SEO.

Add alt text to all your images:

Search engines look for a concise written description of an image, which is known as “alt text” to understand its content.

Whatever you are writing in alt text needs to be accurately similar to the image. Inappropriate information is not going to help you with good SEO.

Alt text can be skipped if the image does not correspond to the theme of your site.

Give your site structure with the right headers:

H1s should describe the content of the page. The H1 header hierarchy is followed by the headers H2, H3, etc.

Titles appear in H1, headings in H2, and subheadings in H3. It will be easier for the visitors to understand if your text structure is clear, which initially improves the website’s SEO.


These are the top 5 tips that will help you in improving your website’s search engine optimization for sure. If you have any more tips make sure to share them with us we will love to hear them.


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