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5 Easy Ways To Stay Motivated at Work

Every once in a while, you experience that feeling of being tired and unmotivated to work. Several deadline jobs have piled up, various responsibilities that need to be completed, targets achievement, and boring daily routines, all of these factors can make you feel like your work is becoming a burden. The job that you once loved, now becomes boring and you don’t find joy in doing it anymore.

If you are always lacking the motivation to work, it could have a bad impact on your performance and make it more difficult for you to develop your career. Although many things can affect your motivation, you need to always remember that one of the keys to having a successful career is to always be passionate and driven to achieve the best in your work.

Find out the 5 best and easy ways that you can do to make sure you stay motivated during working hours in this helpful guide.

Make time to work out before office hours

Often the busy schedule becomes an obstacle for us to establish a daily workout routine. Where in actuality, working out before office hours have many tremendous benefits. Exercise could help to improve mood, thus improving your work productivity. Not only that, but morning exercise also helps to lower blood pressure and improve sleep quality. Good quality of sleep will certainly help us to be able to carry out our daily routine more smoothly. Making time to do simple workouts in the morning, will definitely help to restore your motivation to work each day.

Clean your desk

The working environment could also greatly affect your productivity. One of the things that you can do to improve your working environment, is to make sure that your area is clean and properly maintained. Make sure that your space is tidy and your desk is free from office dust. This will certainly make you feel more comfortable when spending hours working. Cleaning your desk wont take a lot of time, but the effect will certainly be magnificent!

After your desk is clean and tidy, you can also decorate it with various items that will motivate you. Like putting photos of your family or loved ones, displaying your favorite idol posters, or placing your favorite decoration. That way, you can create a comfortable atmosphere for you to work.

Avoid multitasking

Although having the ability to multitask is one capability that companies are looking for in their staff, at the same time – it would be better if you did not do this often. Insisting on doing more than one task at the same time can end up in you wasting your time because it will be easier for you to be distracted and it will affect your quality of work. Multitasking will also make it easier for you to feel tired, and bored. You will end up lacking the motivation to work.

Take time to rest

Giving all your time and thoughts to work without any rest, will drain your energy a lot faster. To avoid this, try getting up for a moment from your chair to do a short walk. You can also go to the toilet to wash your face to freshen up. Give time to your eyes to rest a little bit from looking too long at your laptop screen. This short interlude can increase your productivity at work.

Reward yourself

Many people do not reward themselves after achieving wonderful things or after successfully going through difficult jobs. Most people often neglect themselves and only focus to tackle the work they have. One of the reasons why we aim to be thriving in our work is to achieve a prosperous future for ourselves. But we often forget about this, and just go through the motions. Rewarding yourself is a way for you to show that you care and appreciate yourself.

These are some easy ways that could help you to stay motivated at work. When you start to feel that your motivation to work starts declining, remember to always be grateful. Open your eyes to see that out there, many people who are still unemployed – desperately want to be in your position. To have a stable job and monthly income. By being grateful for the life you had, your motivation to work will slowly rise.


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