Special Birthday Wishes for 18th Birthday


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18th birthday is one of the most special events of our life. In this article we are going to share Birthday Wishes for 18th Birthday We all go through this age of “TEEN” and this is one of the sweetest phase of our whole life and memorable also.

This sweet age starts from adolescence and keeps going till twenty. Who doesn’t like to celebrate his or her birthday whether it is 18th or 80th birthday? But 18th birthday has its own enticement. We are filled with joy, energy, enthusiasm and with lots of new also. No age can’t beat his excitement.

18th birthday wishes can be funny or serious or both. But they should never be cliched in any way nor hurtful to anyone. The average 18-year-old has seen and heard it all (or thinks he or she has). So cornily is out of the question. The best 18th birthday messages can spice up the mood of your 18 years old immediately. You need to REAL not cheesy with your birthday wishes. So here, the article which presents HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY QUOTES. Because this face is experiencing by every one of us. And we are supposed to be happiest on this day of our life. So check this BIRTHDAY MESSAGES FOR 18TH BIRTHDAY.

Birthday wishes for 18th birthday

18th Birthday Wishes

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Birthday Wishes for 18th Birthday

18th birthday wishes for son or daughter

Wishes for 18th Birthday

  • So what if you’re getting older . it simply means you are allowed to do much more things like boozing, partying late night and etc. and 18th is the perfect age to have a start. So happy 18th birthday
beautiful 18th birthday wishes

beautiful 18th birthday wishes

  • Morning is here, the sunshine is clear. Clear your ear because its your 18th birthday my dear. Happy birthday
  • Yes, this birthday id grand. Your life’s as good as gold. But you can’t fool your mother. Buddy, now you are 18 years old. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO YOU
  • I truly hate how long it takes to shop all over the place for the perfect birthday gifts, cards or party supplies. So on your 18th birthday, I just want to give my blessings and love. Happy birthday to you……………..!
  • May your birthday be epic,May you never settle for less, May your special day be special…… Happy 18th birthday to you
  • Its your birthday again, time to wish you good things. To you, I wish the best of health, and the best of luck in all you do, mostly I wish you love, for a life that’s pure and true. Happy birthday to You.
  • In INDIA girls can marry at the age of 18. So here is a little suggestion for you, my girl, if you want to get married then move to INDIA. Because it is your 18th Happy birthday to you.

HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY MESSAGES |Birthday Wishes for 18th Birthday

happy 18th birthday messages


  • You and I we will be together until the end of my life, promise I would never let you go, now I know that you are eighteen. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY J
  • Today is the big day, because it is your eighteenth birthday. And I am at your service all day. Happy birthday
  • May this day come again and again. You live for thousand years and the year is having one thousand days. May you enjoy this aura of 18th birthday again and again. Happy birthday to YOU!
  • Happy birthday to you, many girlfriends kiss you. Ooooops I should sing happy 18th birthday to you.
  • East or west Excitement of 18th birthday is best J
  • Your eyes are still blue. You are still so kind. Your smile is infectious. Even though your teeth are yellow. Happiest 18th birthday to you.
  • Zip zap zoom, have a big birthday boom. Happy birthday to you


  • On your special day, I want to tell you how much I appreciate everything you do for me. You make me the happiest person in the whole world. And today is the special DAY. Because it’s your 18th Happy birthday to you
  • I couldn’t imagine growing up with a better friend, you know just what to say to bring my spirits up. Good times or bad, you are always there. Wishing you a beautiful day and happy eighteenth birthday.
  • Happy birthday to a smart, beautiful and wonderful friend. You will do great in a world of adults.
  • Happy birthday to 18-year-old. This day will not come again. So enjoy this day to the fullest.
  • It’s your 18th birthday and birthday are a day to party. Let’s go and have some fun on your special day.
  • Its your birthday, 18 the magic number. Free to move out, vote and join the armed forces, oh yeah and get a job.

Special 18th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Below are some beautiful birthday wishes for your daughter’s 18th birthday. With these birthday wishes teach her some lessons for future.

  • Hey Angel ,Now you are 18 years and you are mature enough to live your beautiful life according to your own. Fly with your Wings. Happy 18th Birthday Daughter
  • You are my best birthday gift. I congratulate you with 18th birthday. Enjoy your day, sweetheart!

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